Fauci in handcuffs.

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    Expert Exposes Fauci’s CRIMINAL Violations David Martin, PhD , DavidMartin.world, joins to discuss the criminal violations of Fauci — and the money trail & patents that lead to the usual suspects. Money through shell corporations to fund banned research, corruption, predatory pricing, anti-trust violations — Fauci could easily be led away in handcuffs if AG Barr wished.

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    although Fauci's fingerprints are all over this , one must wonder who else is entangled in this money trail

    is Trump waiting for one of the virus three to turn Federal witness this whole bio-weapon thing has been a BIG section for over a decade arguably since the close of WW2

    interestingly several banned transactions happen during Obama's 8 years ( yeah of course similar happened under Bush )

    do some departments just ignore presidential directives , or are several presidents intimately involved in these rogue operations

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