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    Hi TopStockers...

    I know its only been a day or so - but I'd be interested to hear what you think of the new research centre.

    As you know - its just one of the few installments we have coming (we are working on director reports next).

    Love to know what you think and any improvements we could make.



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    Moderator, I've been meaning to post some feedback on it.. thanks for reminding me.

    It looks great and I've begun tracking how succesful the tips are.

    Is it possible to have the system do it automatically, i.e. everytime WiseOwl submit a buy or sell tip, that ToStocks paper trades the stock and a summary of how WiseOwl are going can be easily seen through the paper profit etc.

    Like what they do in The Age (Melbourne) every day in the finance section. Here they have a few experts give their buy/sell recommendations and we can see how they fare with the value of their portfolio compared against each other.

    Maybe TopStocks has a competition between WiseOwl, Holiday and a few other of the leading PRO members in such a competition?

    Other members, what do you think? I personally think it will be great and lots of fun to see how our members go against the PROs!

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    Educated Lass,

    It is very good idea. It will give us some sort of rating to follow the tips. Specially for people who work full time and depend on others for more in dept analysis.

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    I will open an account with the username "WiseOwlTips" and place the tips recommended... Then we can track.

    Wise-Owl submits new recommendations every 2 weeks. And there is a LOT of info and reasoning behind it rather than the short term tips we are seeing members tip here. So I wouldn't expect to see their ranking outdo the better members on this site - but I would expect a high accuracy of tips.

    Ok then!

    I will setup a WiseOwlTips user now and place some tips



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    Way to go Moderator!!!!

    This will be interesting!

    PS. Thanks for your support Mr Finance. Cool name btw.

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    Hi Moderator,

    I must be dumb but I cant find the link to "master the stockmarket" on recent activity.? regards Desall

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    Hi Desall,

    I should have changed my sig file - the offer is no longer active sorry... I will update my sig file now.



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