FEX paying 5.25c 100% franked dividend

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  1. 5.1k

    Lovely surprise this morning waking up to FEX trading at only @ 29c coming out declaring a fully franked 5.25c dividend !!!

    Yes you read & heard that right 5.25c fully franked dividend is insane as super impressive indeed

    Well done to FEX management !!!

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  2. 5.1k

    to claim dividend just register at:


    as straight forward to do/complete etc.

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  3. 5.1k

    FEX @ 0.32c +10.34% still "cheap as chips" on big volume/momentum turnover.. noting goes ex-dividend next Monday 20th September.

    P.S. Allowing for franking credits at tax time gives 20%+ overall yield :) :)

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