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    Well, welcome to the talking pictures people,if you are not a PRO member, do yourself a favour and pay up so you can learn from a professional broker who tells it as TRICOM see it in the market place.

    This is a marketed part of my software program,Market Analyser Pro,and I am yet to be convinced that other programs are any better.This is a worthwhile program for newbies to watch as you get a lesson on 8/9 stocks Mon. & Wed. showing what he needs to be reached in Trendlines etc, which you can emulate later,better than reading a book and cheap as well. Cheers,Norm.

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    This stuff is fantastic! Well done Topstocks.

    I hear this is just the start of a swag of new features to come? Any clues as to what's next?

    PS. Any chance of them getting a female to do the voice? The bloke's voice is a bit husky and women are always better at this sort of thing!

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    I just want to add, Normy isn't a TopStocks sales rep :) (but Normy - u looking for a job? :)

    I do want to add though - the Finance TV is very well worth the PRO membership fee in itself. People are paying a lot more just for that info. It is updated twice a week and the content is relevant... if you plan to trade - you need this info.

    Thanks Normy for the plug ;) We are doing a deal with MDS at the moment and this is the first phase of much more content/software etc that we will make available to our PRO members.



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    The bloke you are talking about is David Fellows... a well respected analyst. The free TV channels are a female presenter.

    Regarding your question Educated Lass, every day we are looking for deals to bring in that improves the PRO membership offering... We will never be content. We may raise the price in the future thou for members who go PRO later.


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    G'day John, you're right, David is a great bloke and will answer independent queries for MDS , presume he would do the same although he's a Blue chip man more so than these 3c buggers most of yours seem to like.

    Originally the program used to "back up " and if you needed 2 weeks ago you punched it up, now I think that is now & Wed., next week the same with no backup. Would be handy as I said for newbies, at least you can look at things repetitiously although it's a small screen.

    Am I right in presuming Keith has a good handful of TS, IT,Phoenix and Gryphon and promotional ties with Universal,I bought my unlearnt Option gear from Kym and his crew.

    All a big learn but fun,Cheers,Norm.

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