Free Blessing 1,2,3, and Evolution

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    Blessing 3 is a Trading system and its free.

    I tried to download it but all I got was , Ex4

    Whatever that means ..

    Someone is hiding under the magic carpet and wont answer some obvious questions .

    Im familiar with the Blessing 3 concepts.

    Mabe someone or some new posting Nik can shed some light on this .


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    Hey there connected FX Dudes

    Blessing 3 is a free software for autotrading Forex

    Some on here know what Im talking about.

    Im not sure if selling the use of it for 5 grand each is worthwhile or not .

    Someone has got it all tested and running and want 5 grand for some finer tips on it all .

    But it is free software apparantly .

    So asking 5 grand is like Um WTF .

    Someone on here said that Autobots dont work and cant work .

    Even said that he had tried and gave up on it all .

    But someone else reckons that it does work after all.

    So Im just a bit confused , does it work or dosnt it work .

    Having one leg each side of the fence is uncomfortable .

    Its not secret squirrel is it , if it is free then it is free to talk about isnt it ??

    Some on here will know much more than me .

    Happy to hear honest opinions .



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    gotta link, CD ?

    mebe put the link in the text field instead of the "add a link" field

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    lol comments.....bring your own translator;s=ad8e74879395eddd9d84defdebb4fe98

    complete loooooaaaaaaaddddddddaaaaaaa bollox

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    Basically its a free grid trading EA (ExpertAdvisor) .

    Ive tried to download it but it wont go into my MT4 (Metatrader 4)

    Someone is trying to sell some settings on it for 5 Grand a pop .

    So Basically there is FX traders here on T$ that will know exactly what Im talking about .

    I wonder if they dare to comment here .

    Those T$ers would know if Blessing3 works good bad or otherwise . So please comment .

    They would also know if selling some settings on it would be worth 5k or not . So please comment .

    I even tried to ask the mod but my pm get deleted.

    So FX T$ers y'all must know what Im talking about .

    "Whats the story" ???????????????????????????

    In a Northside Dublin accent'

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    This dude is testing some Auto-trading

    Someone must have an opinion on this :

    Opinions ?

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  8. 1.8k

    "After much live testing with mixed results we now recommend NOT to use this strategy. The recent events in....... has made this pair quite volatile and hence, increased risk. We will go back to the drawing board on this one but for the moment, we suggest that you take this out of your portfolio until we improve it."

    say no more....eventually this happens to all bots, no? that being the case, traders discretion is still required.....the bot wasnt at fault, the bot simply cannot actively interpret and adjust for the play, a trader can.......a bot is a preset set of discretionary ideas crammed into a box......price is not crammed into a box......

    end of

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    Yes I saw that one .

    But they also want 5K membership to help them test their systems .

    And they are happy for any ideas for systems that you give to them for free .

    But They will happily charge you 5k for them to show you some Eas that they got for free .

  10. 1

    But the main problem is you can't control your stocks and if you want to know what are the advantage of it just drop in the link provided below.

  11. 1.8k

    Druss strikes of patience!/Fx_Day_Trader!/Fx_Day_Trader

  12. 4.3k

    Yes Druss has got a good handle on the FX trading now.

    Not all that long ago I would rip into Druss about some clearly dumb trades he posted up , but he surely has picked the game up now .

    Ive been looking at standard charts for so long Im a bit slow at reading the renkos and the range charts .

    I like the look of this site with the Blessing 3 EA .

    The concept looks ok ,

    Just wish I was smarter in the Tech area so I could put my ideas into action faster .

  13. 7.3k
  14. 61.0k

    so how can anyone tell if the short-selling is "naked"??(in HFT)

  15. 1.8k

    this guys a speed freak.........check the equity curve......

    he says:

    "I did these trades before Spring Festival - in less than 2 months, the balance went from 100k usd to 570k usd. Of course my client was extremely happy with it and as agreed, I was appreciated by a big percentage. Easy money huh?

    My other account went up from 2k to 6k but it's samll so not worth of showing.

    You may question my strategy but yes, it is dangerous but please be noted that I have been tracking these trades by staring at the screen without moving unless I need to go to the toilet. All of the trades are mannul.

    Hundreds of trades and 100% win. Yes, zero lost trade."

  16. 40

    Ok, so I downloaded the Blessing 3 software. It comes as two files and will cost you $0.01 through Paypal. Pretty cheap investment. Next comes the challange of getting it to work ;(

    It works as an EA (Expert Adviser) in MetaTrader 4. So, next I down loaded MT4 from FXCM with a free demo and $5k account. Set that all ok and hooks up with the live feed. So far so good, now to get the Blessing3 EA to work.

    After many hours of reseach, I finally worked out how to get the EA in MT4 installed. You have to place the downloaded Blessing3 files into the following directory, or the directory where your MT4 is installed by default. In my case it is: C : \ Program Files\ FXCM MetaTrader 4\ experts

    "Blessing 3 is a Trading system and its free. I tried to download it but all I got was , Ex4 Whatever that means .." - this is the file extension that is required by MT4 when you save them in the directory as described below.

    Ok, now back to MT4, open a chart $EUR/USD. Next you have to click on the Expert Advisers tab on the Left Hand Side and select the Blessing3 EA and "Drag" it onto your chart. Bingo, your away.

    Just make sure that the EaspertAdvisers tab at the top is selected, so it runs automaticly, then some writing will appear on the chart. you can 'right mouse click' on the writing and the properties will come up, select inputs, and change the things which you feel need to be changed. So you can tweak it bit as you need.

    The manual:

    Righto, I am going to run this on the Demo Account of $5k and let you know how it goes. If the hype is anything to go by it should take about a month to make some noteworthy gains. I will keep you updated.

    This was one of the links for the Download: - is the link with the Paypal checkout.


  17. 4.3k

    Good on you for having a crack at it.

    Blessing3 uses martingale as a ratio of scaling the trade size and also the target to reverse.

    Its a concept that can result in trades stuck in drawdown for 10 weeks or so before closing out for a net gain.

    It also has the potential to Crash an account.

    You should also look at the Envy EA from a different company.

    Similar martingale concept and they admit it can crash the account .

    So you have to apply "Account Management" rather than money management.

    Let me know what you find out


  18. 40

    Ok, so I have done a bit more research, and Blessing has a number of "Set Files" which can be added to the EA. Essentially, all the tweeking has been done for you in the respective set file.

    Go to the Wiki,

    By clicking on the graph, you will be able to access more detailed information about the setfile and the link to download it.

    Place the downloaded SetFile to the Directory:

    C : /Program Files/FXCM MetaTrader 4/experts/presets

    Then, right click on the EA properties, select inputs, the click the Load Button, and find your downloaded SetFile.

    Run some back testing to make sure it meets your Risk tolerance, and let her run.

    I will keep you updated.

    I am currently running some back testing for the $EUR/USD.

    Pretty keen to see how it runs on the live trades in the Demo Account. Nicko.

  19. 40

    Ok, so first lot of back testing done. Screen grab attached. I ran the back test from 02/07/12 to current 09/0912.

    Results look promising. A net profit of $847 with 46% draw down.

    67% win ratio, with the largest profit trade $580, and the largest loss trade $111.

    Looks promising.

    My thoughts are this, will work ok as it takes all human emotion out of the trades. However, because the bot runs on my PC all will work OK until there is some form of error back to the trade desk. i.e. if I lose internet connection, or the Pc crashes, or some other technical glitch, the trades will not be executed to close. So there could be some risk of the trades going against you until you can get back online and get the bot working again.

    Like I said previously, I will let it run on the Demo $5k account and see how it runs, before i commit real money.

    I will do further back testing on different currency pairs, and see how that plays out.


  20. 4.3k

    Well done

    Please keep updating how its going

  21. 40

    Update, I have let the Bot run for 2 days now. Screen Grab attached. It is running on 2 pairs, EUR/USD, AUD/USD and EUR/CHF. These are not optimal pairs to run, as I have discovered, the pairs should be non-correlated. However, I am very happy so far with the performance. After day 2, the account is up $101. Each pair is restricted to 30% of the total account, to protect it if something catestrophic happens.

    I have done further back testing as the days progress, and it is still looking promissing, with 162 trades and a potential of $1k profit. Screen grab attached. Will keep you updated. Nicko.

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