Go the "Don"

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    You might end up in a Psychiatric Institution Fuzz Boy when Donald salutes in 2020.

    You are gonna be so so triggered Snowflake....lol

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    I am not interested in conversation with a troll like you.

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    Neither am I to be honest........

    You are a Cunt no doubt........

    Science proves it

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    Meanwhile Trump's best mate in the UK, the British PM twat Boris Johnson, has monumentally stuffed up with his bid to suspend British parliament to avoid debate on a no-deal Brexit.
    The Supreme Court in a unanimous 11 to zero decision ruled that the prorogation of parliament was illegal.
    The Parliament will reopen on Wednesday local time.

    And what did Boris have to say about it?
    "I strongly disagree with what the justices have found," he said.
    "I don't think that it's right but we will go ahead and of course Parliament will come back."

    Yeah, like he knows better than 11 Supreme Court Justices.
    If he had any integrity he would resign, so obviously it won't happen.

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    So Trump is to face an impeachment enquiry over his Ukraine antics...lol.

    Here is an interesting piece from the Washington Post that gives, as an example, the reasons why a possible future Democratic President such as Elizabeth Warren should be impeached.
    Pretty succinct in my opinion...

    "● Defies congressional power of the purse by unilaterally raiding the Pentagon budget to finance her pet projects?

    ● Rejects the authority of congressional oversight, disregards subpoenas and refuses to furnish documents, including a whistleblower complaint about the president deemed “urgent” by the intelligence community?

    ● Is found by an independent prosecutor appointed by her own administration to have engaged in 10 possible instances of obstruction of justice but is not charged because regulations prohibit such a move against a sitting president?

    ● Approves and reimburses secret payments, in violation of campaign-finance law, to a person threatening to put out damaging information about her?

    ● Fires an FBI director who refuses to call off a probe of one of her close associates?

    ● Declares federal law-enforcement officials who investigate her guilty of “treason,” demands they be put under investigation, and succeeds in getting one of them fired and brought to the brink of indictment?

    ● Rescinds the security clearance of a former CIA director critical of her as well as the press credentials of journalists who criticize her administration?
    ● Persuades a foreign leader not to admit Republican members of Congress into his country?

    ● Grounds the jet used for official business by the congressional leader of the Republican Party?

    ● Repeatedly releases highly classified intelligence, some to a foreign enemy and some only to Democrats?

    ● Threatens to cut off highway funds and disaster aid to states and territories controlled by Republicans, and declares she has the “absolute” right to move criminals to jurisdictions governed by Republicans?

    ● Funnels millions of taxpayer dollars to her own businesses, pressures federal agencies and international organizations to do business with her personal enterprises, invites foreign governments to pay millions of dollars to her businesses, and rejects a law requiring her to provide Congress with her tax returns?

    ● Calls for a boycott of the parent company of a media outlet critical of her, threatens an antitrust action against the owner of another media outlet critical of her, says she can unilaterally order businesses to disinvest from a country and calls for federal punishment of individual businesses she doesn’t like?

    ● Circumvents the Constitution’s advice-and-consent provision by running the government with “acting” officials (unqualified but loyal to her) not confirmed by the Senate?

    ● Offers to pardon those who commit crimes enforcing her policies, questions the authority of certain judges because they are GOP appointees and pardons a political ally who ignored court orders?

    ● Without congressional approval, establishes a de facto network of internment camps, run under inhumane conditions, for a class of people she disdains?

    ● And, finally, asks and coerces foreign governments to sabotage her Republican opponents’ campaigns?"


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    Pelosi will have to stand down if she Fails to have Trump impeached ......which she will fail badly ......even the Dems are sick of the witch Hunt.
    She needs 100% support from the Dems and at least 15% of the Republicans .
    Ain’t gunna Happen. She’s fucked her self ,without Bill Clintons help.

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    Doesn't matter if the impeachment proceedings fail.
    Actually starting an impeachment is enough.
    Pelosi won't have to stand down either, if it doesn't happen.
    It's not Pelosi who is facing impeachment, it is the incumbent Orangutan himself.

    And of course the claim that Pelosi "needs 100% support from the Dems and at least 15% of the Republicans" is bullshit as usual.
    The facts are, (and as usual on this forum according to some, facts apparently don't matter in anything at all), a simple majority of the House of Representatives (at least 218 votes) is required to impeach a U.S. President followed by a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate (at least 67 votes).

    The Dems control 233 seats in the House (as opposed to the Republicans who hold 202).
    The Dems will easily get a simple majority of at least 218 votes to Impeach, otherwise Pelosi would not have called for it.

    And yes, it is extremely unlikely to get two thirds majority from the gutless and shit scared of Trump republicans in the Senate.

    There are 100 senate seats in the US Senate.
    After the last general Election in 2016 the Dems hold 45 seats, Independents 2, and Republicans 53.
    So even if all Dems voted for Impeachment (and independents did too), that would make 47.
    To get to a two thirds majority would be around 67 senators in favour.
    It is very unlikely that 20 Republicans out of the 53 would join in a vote for impeachment.
    It would not be in their interest politically or indeed financially as Trump would try and get rid of them after.
    Such is the nature of the creep and the near non-existent integrity of Senate Republicans.

    This is how it actually works:

    Impeachment Process
    "Article II Section 4 of the United States Constitution states: The President, Vice President and all other civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors."

    The impeachment process begins in Congress. The Justice Department or any other independent council investigates charges and presents them to the House Judiciary Committee. The House Judiciary Committee reviews the evidence and drafts the Articles of Impeachment. This is presented to the full House and debated. A simple majority of the House is required to impeach the president. However, after impeachment the president remains in office until trial by the Senate.

    In the Senate, the House Judiciary Committee acts as the prosecution, the Senate as the jury and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as the judge who rules on the admissibility of the evidence presented. The accused president can hire his/her own lawyers. A two-thirds majority of the Senate is required to vote against the accused and remove the president from office."


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    Trump is foaming at the mouth and tweeting "Presidential Harassment".

    I guess he would know all about harassment.
    He had allegedly done enough of it over the years by some reports.

    What with using his position and fame to "grab women by the pussy" as he so eloquently put it.

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    Trump's Ukraine phone call released:


    Nothing to see. If anything, it brings Biden(s) into more disrepute. Pelosi is again off with the fairies, or witches.....If anyone should go - it would be her.....I think she has dementia.....She forgot what the word 'evidence' means. She has handed Trump another term, and probably a Republican Congress as well.

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    [The Trumpists Have Begun to Turn on Each Other Now. The Cannibal Feast Has Begun] http://va.newsrepublic.net/al/wvSysk

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    Vladimir Putin is saying, don't release these conversations or...I will first. And, if that happens, more than simply this president* may go down.


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    This is all a tactic ,that will backfire for the 2020 Elections.

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    Trump is a crook, it is pretty obvious to anyone who doesn't have the blinkers on.
    Give him enough rope and he will hang himself.

    He and his party are also currently 6.8% points down as the preferred party to lead the USA in the 2020 poll.
    Republicans under the orange buffoon are sitting at 40% while Dems are sitting at 46.8%.
    His personal rating on job approval is currently also still bad (at 42.8%), compared with his job disapproval rating (at 53.2%).

    Add the endless scandals that dope keeps producing and the impeachment proceedings that will no doubt be passed against him (but not recorded as a conviction probably in the Senate), and the whole house of cards looks pretty shaky.

    However the next election is still over a year away.
    Anything can still happen.

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    He will walk in when the next election arrives, no sweat.

  15. 3.0k

    Says the TS Nostradamus.
    What are you basing your theory on?
    Cognitive Dissonance or personal desire doesn't count as valid reasons either.

  16. 6.0k


    Go The Don.

    Americans will vote him back In, because he is standing up to China, he is Protecting and Preserving US sovereignty.
    He is creating new Jobs . He is aware China is supporting NK and Iran.
    China is the biggest Black market trader with both NK and Iran ,and they do this by laundering money into Countries like Australia.

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    But NK's leader is Trump's best Asian mate!
    He has boasted of very good relationship with Mr Kim, and that this relationship is " “the best thing” to happen to the United States during his tenure".
    He is full of praise for the NK Dictator even boasting about receiving "beautiful letters" from him and jokingly saying that they "fell in love"...LOL.
    So, if China is supporting NK and its leader Mr Kim they are, by default, supporting Don's best Asian mate.
    Taking into account how narcissistic, shallow and insincere Trump is, why would he have a problem with that?

    And if China is corruptly and thus criminally backing NK, then doesn't that make NK and its leader complicit in accepting the said Chinese corruption and criminal activity?
    And if that is so, doesn't that make NK's leader a crook?
    But surely Trump wouldn't call a crook a friend, would he?

    And by the way, trump has screwed the world's economy with his stupid trade war...great, good job.

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  18. 3.4k

    Already have my Trump 2020 Cap.

    I love wearing it down at "The National"

  19. 6.0k

    Your the only one saying Trump and Kim are mates....
    A bit like you and Happy Bear being Cousins.

    Good old Peace loving China. I think every Country in the world should Sanction China. Doomsday Bomb......most likely Plastic ,with any luck it will go off during their parade. And wipe the scum off the face of this earth.

  20. 5.5k

    Its called MAD Shano going to war these days means Armageddon .

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