Go the "Don"

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    Trump is a crook.
    Anyone who has open eyes can see it.
    As for the "green movement" using "unbalanced facts and fear tactics" that is not true of course.

    It is not the "green movement" publishing climate research results that show the deleterious effects of excessive CO2 emissions, it is climate scientists.
    They are not part of the "green movement" (whatever that is), they are conservative scientists using careful methodology, that is checked and rechecked before it is published.
    To try and link the research coming out from climate science to any "green movement" is simply MORE deflection by climate change deniers to attempt to muddy the waters over anthropogenic climate change.

    Additionally, these facts and results of years of research are not "unbalanced" or designed to promote "fear".
    They are just facts coming out from multiple sources over decades of observation and data gathering.

    If some in society feel fear from these publications then that is perfectly understandable.
    We should be fearful too.
    The effects of excess CO2 in the atmosphere are well known and it doesn't require someone to be an Einstein to understand what is going to happen if this continues.

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    ###Trump is a crook.
    Anyone who has open eyes can see it.###

    But as sure as God made little green Apples he IS going to get one more term, that's going to burn the left lovies up big time.

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    And again, what do you base this Nostradamus prediction on?
    He MAY win but just saying something will happen doesn't mean it will happen.

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    But anyway, it is good to see that you admit that Trump is a crook.

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    You do on and on and on about Trump as if he was the one and only president who didn't measure up to people's expectations.
    Why not put Bush and Cheney down? They were responsible for the 9/11 incident that killed about 3,000 of their fellow Americans.
    Obama was no good, neither was Clinton and a whole lot of presidents before them. They all had their elegance to the globalists and if Hillery Clinton was president she would be worse.
    The way it is over there is if people vote it is usually for the lesser of the two evils.

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    I see our PM is sounding more and more like Sir Donald, the Dragon Slayer esq.........telling the UN where to go....Great to see!

    I think Australia, Japan, and Taiwan will benefit very well from the US relationship - and perhaps the Koreas if Kimbo pulls his thumb out. The 'honeymoon' LOL....is over between the US and China....and Final Divorce proceedings are well underway. That opens up the US market to other, normal - un-thieving trade partners. It is all up from here - for us and valued US partners, once the divorce decree with China is issued.....

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    Meanwhile Don the absolute Con is really losing the plot.
    Calling for China to investigate Biden and his son whilst facing an impeachment inquiry over calling for the Ukrainian President to do the same in exchange for military aid.
    Trump has now gone into expletive laden raving lunatic territory as well as abusing his office.
    The only question now is when will his Republican allies finally and publicly cut him loose.

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    Trump has turned into a great leader, and those soft cocks that bag him should move to Communist China!

    AND: he will get back in.

    Thank God he is standing up for we Western people of European descent who have civilized the world.

    Trump summoned and spelled it out to that Imbecile Prime Minister of ours and has pulled him into line because before too long we would have become just another Asian shit hole. I just hope it's not too late.

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    CF....I watched this supposed 'meltdown' on Youtube....Nothing in it.....Just Democrat exaggeration - considerably. He reacted as any normal person would being victimised by a major political party, and almost the entire media that is the scumbag Democrats mouthpiece.....Not to mention the Democrat ownership of the educational process in the US.....Same problem as here with Labor.....Something I hope ScoMo is going to work on......I smell another letter to my MP on this subject.....

    The only lunatic I see in this impeachment process......is Pelosi.....One more operation and her face falls off.....What a joke. This will be another huff and puff attempt by the Democrats - that will bowl them over, with the back-blast of reality.....Again.

    LOL, Trump in 2020 is becoming a fact under the stewardship of Democrat incompetence.....Our next election will be similar but less entertaining.....

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    Trump is insane and a wanabe dictator.
    If people can't see that they are not looking, or are simply ignoring it because they think they will benefit somehow.

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    He is a total bully as well.
    Look at the way he treated that reporter in the meeting with the Finnish leader.
    The poor guy was simply doing his job asking questions.
    No leader should talk to people like that.

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    No..CF.....You are the one who is insane....If I was Trump I would have probably been even more verbose and far more targeting of my temper. No, Trump has held it together well against the whole tide of the stinking, slimy, corrupt Washington establishment......He has done very well and crafted his animosity against turds.

    I went to Vietnam - he didn't.......I should be annoyed, but I am not....he has made up for his lack of service in that shit-war.....and stood up under fire as President...time after time....He should get the Medal of Honor......for fighting off the communists.....

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    CF, the Finnish leader was doing the right thing - shivering...LOL......Trump was trying to configure the press conference to the subject at hand...but of course the left would have none of it......So he blasted a reporter for getting very far off subject. So what? Perfectly a rational response.......

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    Trump is a realist, the Dems can not handle him and never will, they will continue to fabricate shit in a last ditched effort to oust Trump in 2020 , they will fail , and those who can not see this are narrow minded under achievers who have very limited abilities in any thing they do.
    Just like Greta , the Garbage mouth shit who can barely wipe her own arse.
    She reminds me of a few on this site.

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    Trump has lost the plot.
    If he continues on his current path he will lose the 2020 election as well.
    The impeachment inquiry atm will turn into a full on impeachment proper.
    That looks like a given now after his latest impetuous outburst re asking China to investigate Biden.

    Here are some interesting statistics from some polls:
    "Only 34 percent of Americans approve of Trump “as a person,” according to a new Gallup poll. The same survey found the president’s job approval at 40 percent."
    That speaks volumes about the fat orange incumbent.

    "Fewer than 1-in-4 Americans (23 percent) think the economy will improve over the next year, according to CNBC’s latest All-America Economic Survey. That’s a three-year low."
    Only 23% are optimistic!
    There goes the US economy according to Americans.
    And if the economy tanks in the USA, so too does Don the Con's chances for re-election.

    "According to a new Pew Research Center poll, 62 percent of Americans think that social media companies have too much control over the mix of news that people see. That includes majorities of respondents who identify as Republican or Republican-leaning (75 percent) as well as Democratic or Democratic-leaning (53 percent)."
    So much for the so-called main news media being the "enemy of the people" and "fake news".
    Looks like Americans think that twitter and facebook etc are the real problem.

    "47 percent of Americans think race relations in the country are worse than they were a year ago, according to a new AP-NORC poll. The poll found 33 percent of Americans approve of the way Trump is handling “race relations,” compared to 65 percent who disapprove. This result breaks along racial lines: 43 percent of white Americans approve of Trump’s actions on race relations, compared to 16 percent of Hispanics and 5 percent of blacks."
    Wow, 65% disapprove of the way the fat-arsed conman is handling race relations.
    Perhaps there is some hope for America after all.

    Also it's funny that 43% of white Americans approve of Trump's actions on race relations.
    Could that be because Trump doesn't target white Americans in his racial rants?
    Nah, of course not!


    In other polling news approval for impeachment against Trump has risen amongst Independents in Congress during September.
    Even support amongst Republicans has notched up a bit.

    If Republicans decide that the orange buffoon is too much of a risk they might ditch him for another runner in 2020.
    But that is asking for a lot because it requires guts and honesty on their behalf so that is unlikely.

    In other news noted Utah Republican Mitt Romney has broken ranks and called Trump's attempts to get dirt on a political opponent from Ukraine and China, "wrong and appalling".
    He stated:
    "By all appearances, the President’s brazen and unprecedented appeal to China and to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is wrong and appalling,” Mr Romney said in a statement.
    “When the only American citizen President Trump singles out for China’s investigation is his political opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process, it strains credulity to suggest that it is anything other than politically motivated.”

    At least one of them has the cojones by the looks.

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    All good news for Trumpy GB.
    I think they will be making re worried about what Joe Biden and his Dumb Son were really up to..
    And fancy suggesting Trump would ever ask China to help him ,that in its self is Laughable.

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    Trump explained by Stephen Colbert....

    Gotta love comedians.
    They cut through all the BS straight up.

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    If you think Stephen Colbert is a comedian then you are even more delusional than i thought....

    He only uses Trump gags to push his show to an audience that is brain washed in thinking Trump is bad for the USA.

    He pushes the Trump gags because\ he cannot think for himself

    The fellows that applaud his humour need to get out of the closet and stand up to whats really facing them.

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    Trump thinks Joe & Hunter Biden's actions amount to corruption, yet he sees no problems with his own children and son-in-law?

    That's totally outrages! ;)

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