Go the "Don"

  1. 7.2k

    Then there was the time The Don was talking at a coronavirus press briefing about projections that hundreds of thousands of people might die ...

    and bragged about having sex with models ...

    and then resumed discussing the body count.


  2. 545

    Trump is worse than stupid. Pence should get the Medal of Honor - for not killing the idiot. I do like Pence.....He would make a better President by far....He knows the English language very well.....That is a good start, and miles ahead of the fool.

    My pick of the litter is Bernie.....with Gabbard as his VP......The total integrity would be unmatched.....the best since FDR.

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  3. 7.2k

    Pence is a droid ... haha ... he knows if he doesn't stand there like nothing happened & if Trump doesn't make it past November, Pence is going to jail ... haha

    I suppose you've all seen the dump that Anonymous has done about Epstein & Trump? This has been around since before the election, but the 13 year old girl dropped the suit after numerous death threats. Poor kid.


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  4. 7.2k

    Google 5:16-cv-00797-DMG-KS

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  5. 545

    I'm not a Trump fan - haven't been since January when killing Americans became his hobby.....or an Obama fan...or a Bush fan...(but senior was switched on - courtesy of the CIA)....and I've always hated the Clintons..and still do. Reagan is the last President with some integrity.

  6. 5.5k

    The jobs that Obama created have been taken away by Trump and America is no longer the optimistic society it was when Obama was president . N.Y. police are ramming their squad cars into protesters and cracking heads with batons , every citizen in every western country on earth has legal rights to peacefully protest any issues that they don't agree with . American police are out of control , we have much to be thankful for Australian police are well trained professionals who serve and protect the public , American police departments need to look at raising the bar for education and the mental health of their recruits .

  7. 69.9k

    Trump hasn't sacked near enough untrustworthy government employees and other deadbeats on the government payroll

    a leaner government might get a lot done

    they can start with the Congress since they can all happily go home during a 'crisis '


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  8. 7.2k

    US-China trade war has erased $1.7 trillion from US companies' market value, Fed report says

    * A new report by the New York Fed estimated the US-China trade war has erased $US1.7 trillion in American firms’ market value since it began in 2018.
    * The global trade conflict cut US investment growth by 0.3 percentage points by the end of 2019 and will slash another 1.6 points by the end of 2020, the report’s authors projected.
    * Previous Fed research found that US firms “bore virtually all of the cost” of the new tariffs, eating away at internal investments and earnings.
    * One-day returns on the days of trade-war announcements totaled a 8.9% decline for stocks in the Fed’s sample.


  9. 3.1k

    Question is, were they overvalued based on fundamentals ?.......

  10. 4.8k

    POTUS calls out the National Guard tonite for DC,and threatens the Governors of the other States that if they don't crack down on the rioters then the National Guard will be deployed to their States.

    Pentagon said 600 to 800 National Guard troops are being sent to Washington as Trump seeks to quell protests in the U.S. capital

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  11. 5.5k

    Fearless leader was reportedly rattled by protesters and has been locked away in his secure bunker like the pussy he is , the protesters outside the Whitehouse are Americans who would not be protesting if their fearless leader was doing a good job . Trump has already destroyed the American economy and now all of society is his new enemy , if Trump starts killing protesters Trump could become the worlds next Assad and cancel all future U.S. elections. .

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  12. 7.2k

    After hiding in the bunker, Glorious Fearless Leader then had protesters tear gassed so he could walk to a nearby church (that didn't want him there) and hold up a bible for a photo opportunity.

    Well, at least everyone has stopped talking about his handling of the coronavirus

  13. 5.5k

    The thought of fearless leader praying is laughable Christianity is a harsh religion women get burned as witches and adulterers and liars all end up going to hell , Americans have nothing to fear in any afterlife their country is already hell on earth . ..

  14. 545

    krueger you are half-right. That doesn't mean I'm your father. But, before you blame Christianity - which is the basis for our standard of living - you should try living in Saudi Arabia. The birthplace of Islam - and still the custodians of Mecca and Medina - the holy cities. Talk about harsh religions. What would I know? I only spent a decade there. The country was pretty much hell on earth, and I knew that and worked my way around it as much as possible. But since I lived on the Red Sea coast - I had the best diving for a decade imaginable. Underwater was paradise on earth.

    Trump is just an idiot. The dumbest President the US has ever seen. All those dumb-asses rioting and looting though. Did they forget - Americans (of all colours) elected Obama for two terms? This is just an excuse for blacks to whinge and destroy. Just like in Africa. And an excuse for their leftist bend-overs to emulate them.

  15. 4.8k

    Richmond, Virginia, Police Chief Will Smith described how rioters torched a home with a child inside and then blocked firefighters from responding.

    “Last night, protesters intentionally set a fire to an occupied building on Broad Street,” Chief Smith told reporters Sunday. “This is not the only occupied building that has been set fire to over the last two days, but they prohibited us from getting on scene. We had to force our way to make a clear path for the fire department. Protesters intercepted that fire apparatus several blocks away with vehicles and blocked that fire department’s access to the structure fire. Inside that home was a child.

    Ian Miles Cheong

    “All over some TVs.” 77-year-old St. Louis retired Police Captain David Dorn was shot dead by looters when he tried to get them to stop looting a local pawn shop.

    Jack Posobiec
    BREAKING: 2 crates filled with pipe bombs discovered near Korean War Memorial in DC after suspects spotted in bushes. Federal assets in pursuit

    Antifa Terrorists have hijacked this occasion to spread terror.
    Send in the military.

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  16. 69.9k

    and George W. Bush

    others might suggest other former presidents with a solid argument as well

  17. 69.9k

    Presidential Candidate Cottrell's Speech on the recent protests by Dr. Paul Cottrell


  18. 4.8k

    Former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales praised President Donald Trump for his tweet saying that he intends to designate Antifa a domestic terror organization after several nights of violent riots and looting in dozens of major American cities.
    Fomer Antifa member says group's acts are 'very definition of domestic terrorism'

  19. 3.1k

    Rarely if ever has a US President been under such personal media scrutiny and skewed reporting. But when he wins the next election i hope there is no postal voting because the leftist media will call "foul" and the saga of the MAGA president will be off again

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  20. 69.9k

    but the Dems ( who aren't really the Left )

    have used all sorts of fraud and foreign influence in the past

    remember Russia-Gate was setup up to trap Cruz , until Trump became the candidate

    there has been plenty of fraud already that is why Sanders is a minor mouthpiece instead of almost certain nominee

    the only thing the REAL Left and progressives can do is refuse to vote , they have been swindled of any chance

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