Go the "Don"

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    There is deep resentment in the U.S.A. that the corrupt establishment is reliant on putting people in jail on misdemeanour charges to enable themselves to make profits from a trade in human misery .

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    The corrupt establishment are the Democrats, General Flynn is only one example.

    The Democrats are behind all the Anarchy ,sponsored by Soros.

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    not just Soros he is just one multi-billionaire among many

    a LOT of Hollywood would love to continue to be sexual predators without police investigation

    and the top level bankers would thrive without a careful look into their activities

    am almost tempted to support the police disbandment to see if vigilantes became the prominent rule enforcement system


    remember Charles Manson was only widely feared because his cult killed RICH people in their own mansions .. no on gives a damn about the serial killers that killed hundreds of children and other citizens


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    Krueger, My question was from here did you get the Info ""over 66% of all Americans and Australians now agree that marijuana should be legal"".

    Still waiting Krueger for any kind of a answer from you.

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    Google marijuana legalisation polls there are pages of them going back over the years all show that both Americans and Australians would overwhelmingly vote to end prohibition if that we lived in a democracy and such a thing was possible , millions of Australians know they will be put in jail if they dare use medical marijuana that was legalised in 2016 in Australia.

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    Yer right mate.

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    As of the 19 nov 19 66% of Americans support ending marijuana prohibition and that percentage in every country on earth increases every day , the facts are that BLM protesters and all minorities in America are disproportionately effected by marijuana prohibition and they are starting to wake up to the fact they have been targeted and attacked unfairly for way too long.

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    What ever mate.

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    Your position predicated on a pack of lies is becoming more untenable by the day, I understand you have to argue the toss on every fact most people are well aware that marijuana prohibitionist's have zero credible arguments to support their position. .

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    Meanwhile Australians continue to be arrested and prosecuted for using legal marijuana medicines in Australia.

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    That's how the system works, you break the LAW you get locked up, simple.

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    Australian law says that medical marijuana is legal ????

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    ###Australian law says that medical marijuana is legal ????###

    WE ALL know that.

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    Medical marijuana being legal means any patient should have free access to use any form of medical marijuana they choose , the law is the law the government should have done the right thing respected the law and allowed all Australian patients legal access to tinctures back in 2016 . The conservative right don't want marijuana medical research to ever happen trump plans to stymie all medical marijuana research until after 2025 and he plans to lock up another generation of black people who use marijuana .

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    ###he plans to lock up another generation of black people who use marijuana .###
    So are you telling me that hes NOT locking up the white people as well.

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    If Biden just decriminalises dope and expunges all of their marijuana records countless millions of Americans wont be criminals anymore and one or two prisoners could end up being released from jail. Non violent marijuana users are not criminals and should not be arrested or sent to prison , BLM protesters are protesting to reform Americas gestapo police forces and their absolutly corrupted for profit justice system .

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    the only thing Biden will decriminalize ( if he can ) is molesting young females

    releasing harmless criminals from jail would reduce slave labour ( prisoner labour ) it might be a coincidence that there is a high proportion of coloured inmates , but the old habits die hard

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    The conservatives have already won a pair of adulterous old perverts and both runners are corporate scum, the conservatives need to make sure that marijuana stays illegal the conservatives have a hundred years of government lies they are desperate to cover up .

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