God is Not a Real Estate Agent, But the Devil Is

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    Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T95CODaQ0dU

    Published on Apr 18, 2017
    God is Not a Real Estate Agent, Coming May 2017
    The Real NJ Mafia exposed become and insider https://anc.report/
    We are just 9 people away form 300

    Please support this brilliant researcher & documentary maker

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    last I heard the Devil was a corporate banker

    ( the Papacy decrees/exposes this )

    so it depends on the credibility of your sources

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    The mafia bikies and other pillars of our society need to wash their billions in marijuana profits clean somehow, most people are totally unaware that a large percentage of real estate agents are targeted and compromised by criminal organizations . Bikies in N.S.W. own businesses and multi million dollar real estate portfolios, the devil is the prohibition legislation that protects and enables these criminals to prosper.

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    Mother of all bubbles under everyones nose here in OZ.IMO

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    gvenso, Australian east coast real estate is underpinned by a never ending supply of legitimate and black money , most people predicting these crashes do not own a real estate portfolio.

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    I do own some property but , urban real estate values ( and rents ) do seem unsustainably high .

    but most of my REIT holdings are well in the green .so unless the companies fail ( always a chance ) long term looks fairly good ( even with a market correction )

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    Sal . I agree about that flow of money. The question is what happens when that source is turned off in a parabolic move When the seagulls scatter to another feeding ground?

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    I am not investing in property ( or REITs ) for substantial capital growth ( assuming I have all of 10 years left )
    but rather an alternate source of income ( which in a different era would have been invested in bonds or term deposits )
    the property was bought in 1975 , so am looking to value-add ( increase income from the property ) rather than reverse mortgage and re-invest that ( sorry Malcolm and Sco-Mo you plan sounds misguided to me ).

    now younger people will have more options and more real estate cycles to play in .

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    Interesting point of view. We can all agree that our system is not perfect and the rules were not made by us the people who live in the present. The scheme was created against us many, really many years ago. We just need to open our minds and see things not from the point of view other want us to see, but rather from the point of view you never saw before. But, it doesn’t mean all of this is true and not conspiracy. Because many are complaining just because of their financial limits. Even tough, it so, just check out these amazing apartments https://www.playarealestategroup.com/Beachfront_Properties/page_2661756.html they are offering right now! Can somebody find the same or better?! I doubt that.

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