Gold Bull

  1. 4.7k

    January 2017 - February 2020: Increase of $2.25T US M2 money Supply.
    February 2020 - May 4, 2020: Increase of $2.25T

    After 8 full weeks of market action since QE∞ was announced on March 23.

    Dollar Index $DXY -2.4%
    Comex gold $GC +17.8%
    S&P 500 $SPY +24.1%
    Comex silver $SI +37.7%
    Gold miner ETF $GDX +77.9%

    Infllation coming?

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  2. 2.6k

    Nice early move.....1754US

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  3. 4.7k

    POG easing down to the buy zone. Next Monday PH Memorial Day in USA.
    I will be looking for the buy point next week after .the PH

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  4. 5.7k

    It's been a long time since I've seen the gold producer sector retrace this hard overnight/intraday.

    Did have a huge run.

    Reset for next????

    Or gold to Peter????

    Former imo.

    Plenty of green with volumes amongst the gold specs. Taking sector lead now

  5. 2.7k

    The "Federal" Reserve chairman Powell's statement to do whatever is necessary to help the economy, which translates to a fake prop-up of the US stock markets, has had the DOW go from 18,000 to 25,000 therefore diminishing the the inverse correlation between it and the gold price.

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  6. 155

    prob a few bargains if you dont think this prop up will last long

  7. 4.7k

    TBR 0% drop.
    Buy the dip

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