Greta Thunberg - illusionist

  1. 9.8k

    The World is waking up to the Climate Change Scam ...this should have been evident when they went from Global Warming to climate Change...
    Soon the Greens will have no Platform to Campaign more Greens.

  2. 5.0k

    Fire warnings current for Canberra today , the only scam is those who profit by disputing the increasing intensity of extreme weather events.

  3. 2.8k

    Apart from those who profit from scare mongering about a natural phenomena.......

  4. 38

    Firefighter from the Snowy Mountains tells ABC radio the area where the Brumbies graze is least damaged by the fires. It's time to return to the future and reinstate the pre 1960 grazing permits for the High Country

  5. 2.8k

    Just proves that environmentalists know little about the environment.

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  6. 5.0k

    Environmental protesters across Europe are protesting against the LNP governments abysmal environmental record , the fires in Australia are the focus of world attention .

  7. 2.8k

    And so they should.....are they calling for the arsonists responsible to face the full brunt of the law as murderers ?.......i think not

  8. 5.0k

    The scale and intensity of the fire catastrophe will pollute our air and water for months . The LNP have been in government for most of the last twenty years and they are still not listening to scientists fire fighters and other experts that have been warning them of increased risks of extreme fire catastrophe . Arsonists should be prosecuted for environmental crimes and murder but most of these criminals can expect a few hours community service and zero jail time . The word is that the conservative establishment are upping the anti in their shameful war against environmental protest groups, they want to declare Greta and millions of our children to be terrorists for speaking up on environmental issues ??? The science is proven if we continue to burn forests and burn fossil fuels we will cook the atmosphere and the natural disasters will be a lot worse.

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