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    Hi all,

    Is anyone following GRR or CUL?

    My charts indicate they are potentially close to sparking some interest...Could anyone shed some light on either?

    I dont hold either

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    I had the misfortune of buying GRR around .80 when I thought it had bottomed - then watch it hit my stops and take me out, and then soon after stage a remarkable rally.

    As they say poo happens.

    I'm in two minds now whether GRR has the ability to continue up to previous highs upwards of $1.70 or whether a pullback is more likely.

    On the weekly chart the indicators suggest the latter.

    The stochastic and Money Flow Index are both in overbought territory and the Neilsen supply/demand indicator shows strong bearish divergence.

    Given our recent market correction (is it done yet?)and the skittishness of the US markets I woul be tempted to wait for a new direction.

    If it breaks up, let it go and buy the consolidation, and if a pullback occurs look for support around $1.10 - $1.00 levels.

    But then again I got it wrong the last

  3. 36

    Yeah i was more inclined to say if it breaks 1.29 its got some legs in it...

    i guess we will wait and see lol :)

  4. 938

    Nikko, doesn't need much, Macd is crossing, RSI up, volume is 'buying ' variety. Cheers ,Norm.

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