Here's Why China Is Killing The Global Recycling Industry

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    it is not the CCP that is the problem , it is those that will sell out Australia for a commission ( or tax slice )

    look at how much .. say Canadian Pension Funds own in major Australian infrastructure .. it wouldn't be so bad if the Canadian WORKERS had any say , but some faceless fund manager makes all sorts of decisions when it comes to the AGM ( we have the same problem when Austrailan Union Funds take big slices of Australian companies some union flunky gets a board seat ( and a pay-packet )

    the cost of doing business in Australia is horrendous if you follow all the regulations , so hardly anybody makes stuff over here any more

    cut the regulations cut the size of government and give small business a chance to grow

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    i am backing Bob Katter

    maybe Pauline is learning some lessons from Trump ( running for government when the major media hate you )

    there is still an outside chance Gina will have a go at politics that might be very interesting

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    I will back the greens they are the only party in Australia who have viable sain policies to preserve environments to create employment and make Australia a fairer society for everyone.

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