Highrise Construction Calamities

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    ANOTHER one? Residents left terrified after huge cracks appear in the basement of their Sydney apartment building just weeks after hundreds were evacuated from crumbling Mascot Towers

    Cracks appear to be metres long in the Clemton Park Village apartment block
    The apartment block is only three years old and residents are terrified
    Footage shows huge cracks in the roof and floor of the basement of apartment
    Anyone for an off the plan investment?

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    Sky News host Chris Kenny says the worrying sign of state governments seeking funding for local issues from the federal government is 'an infantile approach'
    Vic Govt to tax the local taxpayers $600mill to fix the flammable cladding issue in Victoria. More likely to flow over $1 bill IMO

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    wait until the have a close look at ( some of ) their own buildings ( and am not just talking about cladding )

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    Construction standards have plummeted here in recent decades......add Chinese materials, with Chinese labour the kiss of death........and you have metro graveyards waiting to happen......Someone is responsible, and it was government policy to import sh!t, and destroy Australian industry......Blame it on the politicians.....and sue the government....class actions.....

    Might focus future politicians on doing what is best for Australia - instead of China.....

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    am not sure they are fixated on China but absolutely certain about the care factor on the average voter ( after and during election campaigns )

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    $500mill considered too much to keep the Car Manufacturing Industry going ,but $billions ok to bandaid a failed building code.
    Raise expenses and lower wages is the pineapple being delivered to the Public by the current Major Political Parties.

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    the car industry ( that actually got support ) was a greedy sponge ( just like in the US )

    however intense questioning has to be asked of the building industry and not just about cladding , you have interesting practices in the retirement villa sector , the apartment complex sector and many other niches , and the questions should NOT stop and the tradesmen and contractors

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    Combustible cladding removal will uncover 'litany' of problems, expert warns

    Never seen a compliant building'

    Engineers are concerned removing the cladding will expose a litany of fire safety problems.

    "I have never seen a compliant building," engineer Jonathan Duler said.

    "Whenever I look at a building, the problem that people think is there, is not the real problem."

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    i have seen several compliant buildings WITHOUT cladding

    is the cladding the problem , or does the cladding cover the problems ( like shabby regulations )

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    Fourth Sydney apartment block abandoned


    what a surprise ( sarcasm )

  11. 3.6k

    Modern Australia....no one is responsible for anything......unless it is PC.,....incorrect.....

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  12. 69.8k

    in that case i should be Governor General , many claim i am completely irresponsible ( hence a 'nick-name of Teflon ' )

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    Sydney cladding crisis would take $1 billion to fix, strata body warns

    The state's peak strata body organisation has warned that apartment owners will foot the bill for building defects unless the NSW government spends hundreds of millions to fix the "systemic crisis".

    Strata Community Association NSW president Chris Duggan urged the Berejiklian government to match Victoria's commitment, which would cover half the estimated $600 million cost of rectifying hundreds of high-risk buildings in that state and appeal for federal funding

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    federal funding for privately owned assets is a very bad idea , the builders council inspectors and insurers who signed off on these buildings are the people who are liable for this unfolding fiasco

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    lots more ( yet ) to unfold.
    we could go for another 12 month long white-wash ( OOPS ! i mean Royal Commission ) or just get going on some damage remediation .

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    States face $10b bill for 'legacy' building problems
    Michael Bleby and Mark Ludlow
    Jul 19, 2019 — 4.33pm

    State governments will spend more than an estimated $10 billion to fix known – and unknown – problems in privately owned residential buildings over the next decade.

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  17. 1.6k

    Yep, 10 billion is getting more realistic.
    Thanks IPA and fellow travellers.

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  18. 1.6k

    Let it work its way through the courts, lets find out who's really at fault.
    No money for public housing , but billions suddenly available supposedly to help ordinary homeowners..Complete bullshit, those responsible for this mess need to be held responsible.

  19. 69.8k

    fix it first , torture the guilty at leisure ( you never know how many nasty surprises are yet to come )

  20. 1.6k

    So we throw billions to fix a problem caused by a philosophy of unfettered free enterprise.
    Is there any limit to our exposure to this , or are ordinary taxpayers on the hook no matter what happens.
    Enough, let the consequences see the light of day . Let free enterprise and the courts sort it out, not the taxpayer.

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  21. 6.0k

    The Truth is all of the buildings involved were built with mainly 457 visa holders, some of these workers were also asylum seekers that were given jobs by the Government.
    In the town of Singleton a new Main Street upgrade costing 11 ml work was done by all Foreign labour 457 visa holders and Asylum seekers.
    The work looked ok until we had our first downpour ,not enough drainage ,some parts of the road is cracking.
    This will be why the State and an federal government will want tax payers to pick up the Tab, because many of these buildings were using labourers forced on the companies by the Government. Back handers ,to create jobs for foreigners.
    Unfettered free enterprise....never in this Country. Forced to used labour to get the approval through on time.
    The same is going on in Queensland.
    Australian companies that have union workforce ,being pushed to one side for foreign Companies that employ 457 visa holders.
    The Country is stuffed....
    None of my taxes will ever go towards fixing this shit up.

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