Highrise Construction Calamities

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    many of the builders/construction workers have been broken physically or financially in the previous boom and bust cycles which drastically reduces the EXPERIENCED workforce available

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    The inexperienced builders you speak of are usually 457 visa workers who are not in unions and work for peanuts, go to most development sites in Sydney you will be lucky to find any Australian tradies . Boom and bust cycles reduce the number of qualified builders that will work for peanuts . I am doing renovations at the moment and am paying my builder cash he will tell you that work is slow and it is not worth working on the books anymore.

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    not always,

    there are plenty locals still in construction , much to the annoyance of the few fully experienced tradesmen left in the business

    i have seen so many suspect 'certificates ' i now prefer to just watch closely

    i joke to a friend that he is the last ( genuine ) tradesman i know working at his trade

    the other former tradesmen sold out ( or stopped contracting ) in a boom cycle and bought business outside the construction industry ( one a gym , one a bicycle shop chain , etc. etc. etc )

    still have a 'white card ' so have technically some responsibility for their health and safety ..

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    The construction industry is the same as any other.

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    gee i hope not ,

    Australia is a slum if it is

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    We are being manoeuvred and fed third world standards....in many areas....including construction. Why would that be? Mainly because most state and federal politicians.....have third world standards.......

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    Joe Hockey once said .....lucky we don’t live in Asia.....lol. We do .
    In fact one Asian Country owns us.

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    Which country would that be? While we are buying subs that will never exist - to defend us.....or the pathetic F-35's that are are semi-useless and lack the arms and range we need.......Or because we are too weak and such pansies....to ever build a nuclear weapons capability - and delivery systems.....to defend our very existence......

    And the country that owns the assholes of our politicians......Is.....Drumroll please....CHINA.....

    What a surprise........

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    Owners at St Kilda apartment block set to pay $2.6m to fix water-damaged cladding
    When Trent bought an apartment in St Kilda more than a decade ago, he was excited to be breaking into the property market for the first time in an area he loved.

    For several years, he lived happily in the two-bedroom unit in the trendy bayside suburb. But in 2012, water started leaking from the roof into his bedroom.

    His apartment now sits empty, gutted and uninhabitable, while Trent, 41, is living down the road in a rented unit.

    He is one of 36 owners at the apartment block, in Melbourne’s inner south-east, who have stumped up more than $2.6 million to replace cladding on their building, after years of leaks and water ingress left it severely damaged.

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    Fears of defects in Melbourne’s tallest tower`
    A cloud is forming over what is set to become Australia’s second tallest building, with claims of loud cracking sounds and windows that no longer open.

    The 319-metre Australia 108 building in Melbourne’s Southbank will boast more than 1000 apartments over 100 floors, but the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) confirmed to The New Daily it had visited the site on Thursday and requested to see building plans.

    Residents of Melbourne's tallest building have complained about cracking noises and other defects that have left some fearing for their safety.
    The Australia 108 building on Southbank Boulevard is still under construction.

    The Australia 108 building on Southbank Boulevard is still under construction.Credit:Simon Schluter

    The partially completed Southbank tower Australia 108, constructed by Multiplex and developed by World Class Global, is set to be the highest residential building in the southern hemisphere.

    Seventy-five levels have been built, with the full 101 levels scheduled for completion by 2020.

    Residents began moving into the tower in mid-2018 and have since complained to building management of unbearable noise, construction defects, power outages and lift failures. Some have also complained to real estate agents and Melbourne City Council

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    More to come I'm sure.....dropping the ball seems to be a federal and state government specialty....Third world standards, third world politicians....

    Speaking of low standards....In recent years, I am hearing all kinds of reports on substandard Chinese building materials....from home owners in the Philippines, western and Filipino. Chinese rebar is decomposing faster than the local made bricks are crumbling.....You would have to worry in a two-story, or more, house in the Philippines......There is also crap Chinese plumbing and fixtures.....very crap.....Tap sets and toilets that wear out/malfunction within months....Add Chinese electrics, particularly lighting.....that decomposes quickly and exposes bare wires.....I'm sure that doesn't happen in Australia....LOL....it does....I had to replace a couple.....

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    are you sure you aren't defaming 3rd world politicians ??

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    The faults crisis has now spread to Brisbane, with an owner facing bankruptcy after a serious defect in her new $1.7 million luxury apartment caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. From The ABC:

    Louisa Carter purchased a new four-bedroom sub-penthouse in The Johnson apartment tower in inner-city Brisbane in 2017…

    But Dr Carter said her roof began leaking just days after she and her family moved into the apartment.

    “In the first big storm, suddenly there was water pouring into the main bedroom,” she said.

    Her apartment was later overtaken by mould.

    Despite lodging a series of complaints, more than two years later the defects are yet to be fully rectified.

    She said her apartment was still awaiting a refit after being partially gutted because of the water damage…

    “We’ve got a colander for a roof pouring [water] down through the concrete”…

    After complaining to the Office of Fair Trading that her unit was not fit for purpose, Dr Carter was told the matter was classified as a “warranty” issue, suggesting she could take civil action in court.

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    In a taste of things to come, residents from Sydney’s Opal Tower, which was evacuated on Christmas Eve amid severe structural cracking, have launched a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit against the NSW Government. From The ABC:

    In documents lodged with the NSW Supreme Court late on Friday, owners of the western Sydney apartment tower are suing the Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA), the owner of the land on which the Opal Tower sits.

    The Sydney Olympic Park Authority is a NSW State Government-controlled entity, meaning residents are effectively suing the Berejiklian Government — not the developer or builder.

    The lawsuit claims a “breach of warranty” and that design and construction of the $170 million apartment complex, which was evacuated on Christmas Eve after residents spotted cracks in its foundations, was not designed or constructed with “due care and skill”.

    It is claiming a breach of the Home Building Act, in that the tower was not built in accordance with the plans and specifications.

    “Opal Tower was not reasonably fit for occupation,” the claim states.

    The owners, hundreds of whom have now been in temporary accommodation for more than seven months, are also claiming losses due to a drop in the value of the apartments and a loss of rental value.

    No exact monetary figure has yet been put on the suit, but the claim is expected to run into the multi-millions.

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    Hedge fund puts developer Steller into receivership

    Steller Group, which once commanded a $4.2 billion pipeline of apartment, aged care and commercial projects spread across Melbourne, collapsed into receivership on Tuesday, marking one of the biggest developer collapses since the global financial crisis. Like Becton Group, which collapsed in 2013 after being unable to meet its debt obligations, Steller’s ultimate downfall was its reliance on expensive debt provided by Hong Kong and Singapore hedge fund OCP Asia.

    Sydney property developer Ralan collapses

    One of the country’s biggest private developers, Sydney-based Ralan Group has collapsed leaving billions of dollars of East Coast apartment projects and hundreds of jobs in doubt. Founded and led by William O’Dwyer, the developer appointed Said Jahani, Phil-Campbell Wilson and Graham Killer from Grant Thornton as voluntary administrators on Tuesday.

    Ralan Group’s pipeline of projects includes the $1.4 billion four-tower Ruby Collection project on the Gold Coast with 1600 apartments and another big project in Arncliffe in Sydney’s southern suburbs, which is currently under construction

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    where will the ripples spread to ??

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    Building certifiers leave a trail of chaos

    A small group of private certifiers have signed off on 130 buildings with compliance problems, including allowing residents to move into one property that did not have toilets or taps fitted.

    The six offenders have been hit with 111 disciplinary actions since 2005, accounting for about a quarter of all such penalties.

    The role of private certifiers in the state's building standards crisis is under mounting scrutiny, after apartment buildings at Mascot, Sydney Olympic Park, Zetland and Erskineville were abandoned over safety concerns.

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    It really has got to the stage of no one cares.
    Hey, how about a new idea, people actually take responsibility for their ideas.

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    'Unliveable nightmare': Creaks and groans force tower dwellers to sell

    After countless failed rectification works, the ongoing creaking noises had turned their home into an "unliveable nightmare". The couple will pull up stumps at the end of this month.

    The Prima Pearl tower is the second residential tower in Melbourne built by construction giant Multiplex that has been plagued by creaking noises. Last month, The Age revealed residents in Southbank's Australia 108 building had to put up with similar noises
    Michael and Catherine Taranto first heard their walls creak, bang and moan on a spring night in 2014. The noises made it feel as if they were in the hull of a ship and continued until morning.

    It was the first of many sleepless nights for the couple who were to face five years of being tormented by the noises, which strained their marriage and eventually forced them to sell their dream home on the 12th floor of a Melbourne apartment tower.
    Creaking noises have forced Michael Taranto to sell his dream home in the Prima Pearl tower.


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