Historic Archer Hotel under administration

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    The historic Archer Hotel in North Adelaide has been placed in administration, InDaily can reveal.

    Bension Siebert

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    The Archer Hotel in North Adelaide. Photo: Facebook
    DuncanPowell has been appointed administrator of Huntsman Hotel Ptd Ltd, trading as the Archer Hotel, a spokesperson for the corporate advisory firm confirmed to InDaily this morning.

    Both the Archer Hotel and the Saracens Head Hotel, another historic hotel, located in the CBD, are “part of the Bloody Mary Group”, according to their respective websites.

    An application to wind up Saracens Investments Pty Ltd, listed as the licensee of the Saracens Head, was published on the Australia Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) website earlier this month.

    The ASIC notice says Ellison House (SA) Pty Ltd made the application to wind up the Saracens Investments on October 11.

    However, Brett Viney, a representative of Saracens Investments who would not disclose his official role, told InDaily at the time that the application had been submitted in “error”.

    He said Saracens Investments had been in dispute with another entity but had reached a settlement.

    “The company isn’t in administration or liquidation,” he said a fortnight ago.

    “We have a dispute which had been running for … years (but) we settled the matter confidentially.

    “It’s an administrational error by their lawyers.”

    He added that the notice, which remains on the ASIC website, was “incorrect” but that he was unable to comment any further.

    Asked what relationship Bloody Mary Group had with Saracens Investments, he said “it’s none of your business, to be honest”.

    “It’s a public dispute between two companies and that matter has been settled,” he said.

    Operations manager for the Bloody Mary Group, Jarrad Anderson, this morning referred InDaily to Viney for comment on the Archer Hotel going into administration.

    He did not answer his phone this morning.

    Anderson would not clarify the role the Bloody Mary Group played in the Archer Hotel.

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    Deal to save Max Brenner falls through as receivers appointed

    Receivers have been appointed over some Max Brenner assets after a proposed acquisition of the troubled cafe chain fell through in spectacular fashion late last week.

    The future of the business remains uncertain after investment duo David and Craig Tozer pulled out of a deal which would have saved the chain last Friday.

    Liquidators BDO announced the Tozer brothers were buying the business last Thursday, releasing a statement which said they were “excited” about the opportunity.

    But by Friday the tune had changed. After an apparent breakdown in negotiations, the statement was removed from BDO’s website and a spokesperson confirmed the sale was not going ahead.

    David Tozer clarified his position in a statement sent out on Friday afternoon, which said he is “extremely disappointed” but was “left with no choice” but to walk away from the deal, claiming the liquidators changed the terms.

    “We had a plan and a vision to restore the chain to profitability and to save the jobs of staff, but the commercial roadblocks and impediments were insurmountable,” Tozer said.

    “We thought we were very close to an agreement with the liquidators on Thursday morning but the requirements changed as the day progressed such that we were unfortunately left with no alternative but to move on,” he said.

    BDO declined to comment on the Tozer deal falling through when contacted on Monday morning.

    After the deal fell through, secured creditor Glenn Wein appointed receivers from Ferrier Hodgson over some of the company’s assets, in a move that is expected to hamper any further efforts to sell the business.

    Ferrier Hodgson confirmed Stephen Parbery and Peter Hothard have been appointed as receivers over plant and equipment, the chosers in action and the books and records of Max Brenner.

    The receivers have not been appointed across the entire business, leaving liquidators responsible for the ongoing operation of Max Brenner.

    BDO declined to comment on the appointment of receivers when contacted on Monday morning.

    Max Brenner appointed voluntary administrators earlier this month after suffering “escalating costs and tighter retail trade”.

    About 20 of the company’s 37 stores were closed before liquidators from BDO were appointed last week, after about 250 of the company’s 664-strong workforce had been laid off.

    The business owed employees an estimated $5.8 million when administrators were appointed, while 700 people have come forward with unpaid super claims.

    In total, it is estimated the business owed $33.1 million to creditors when administrators were appointed.

    The Australian franchise for Max Brenner was owned by Tom and Lilly Haikin, who brought the Israeli-born brand Down Under in 1999.

    The business expanded to 40-stores in Australia prior to its downfall, while the brand itself is also present in the United States, Israel, Japan and Russia.

    courtesy of Smart Company

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    Been to the archer hotel, it's not bad, good food, and good atmosphere, plenty people go. Something not right if it's in administration?

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    possibly a management level thing ,

    is ASIC playing it's best game here , it has been sleepy elsewhere

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    I also stayed at this hotel and I can say that I liked it there. But I agree that other managers can change things either for the better or for the worse.

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