Historical Copper prices

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    Copper demand and supply prices is considered an indicator for global economy healthSeptember 18th, 2014

    The United States Geological Survey has said the global copper demand outstripped supply by 400,000 tons in 2012.

    This has begun to turn copper prices around, which had been skidding since reaching an all-time high in 2013...

    China alone consumes 35% of the world's copper. That figure is expected to rise to 50% by 2020 as hundreds of millions more people migrate from the country to cities, bolstering the need for infrastructure. And prices are expected to rise as a result. Some forecasts expect a 50% gain in copper prices over the next few years.

    And that's not all...

    Aging mines, lower grades in new discoveries, and labor strikes are serving to keep supply low while demand grows.

    That means you have the opportunity to profit from copper investments in numerous ways:

    Copper companies

    Copper commodity prices

    Copper funds

    Copper tcker codes for research include KRC, PNA, OZL,HGO, ABY, SFR VRX, AVB, EXM, CDU , BML


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    careful with OZL they still have a project "too big" to handle alone,

    many members will have witnessed the problems a JV can bring .

    (i hold OZL)

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    Add Rex Mineral (RXM) to the too big to handle list, I live 70ks from RXMImage and video hosting by TinyPichttp://www.livecharts.co.uk/MarketCharts/copper.php

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    ones to watch in copper are the "diversifiers " PAN and MCR who are using their nickel mines as a cash-flow to move into other metals,

    i don't either think they will swap to mostly copper , but in time might do enough to be noticed in copper prodution.

    but really we need another nation to grow strongly to share the load with China , India, Indonesia , and Brazil might be good ones to watch for steady growth

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    Copper getting hit hard.. thoughts anyone on near term?

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    I think with all the volatility going on with Greece and Beijing.. only chance for some sort of copper play in the near term would be investing in up and coming mines located in more cost effective locations

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    i hold RIO (don't like them that much ) and OZL , the perpetual slider in SP . and the yet to be proven S32 ,..

    so since the copper miners are a hard lot to find a good div payer amongst , how about two beaten down metal recycler plays in SGM and ARI , div are a bit irregular here as well , but at least the copper comes to them , not needing long exploration and development projects .

    and BHP has this little project that digs a little copper and uranium called Olympic Dam , is that worth some thought ?

    ( i hold all the stocks mentioned here )

    take care .

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