How do you find out the most volatile top 100 stocks?

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    im trying to find out the most volatile stocks in the top 100 or 200

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    Thomastang ;)

    Do you have a live platform and which one?

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    i use incredible charts

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    I guess it is what you consider volatile? Some stocks vary a great deal between the high and the low each day but might be trending up on the monthly charts, others might swing regularly between two price ranges over monthly cycles, but change little throughout the day.

    Exactly what are you looking for?

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    with this asx share game im trying to find volatile stocks im gonna punt on them rather than be conservative and try to end up in the top 100 or 1000 of participants.

    i also have commsec,avcol and e-trade trading accounts do these h ave any volatility indicators?

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    this is what ill use for now. it is a list of the last closing price.

    ill just assume price volatility or whatever the tech term is for the reason stocks that are $1 are more volatile than $10 stocks because the spread is a greater %

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    Hi Thomastang ;)

    If you use Commsec Protrader, you can look at the "market watch" and filter by volume or price. this is live data ;)

    For incredible charts scan the market by volumes or price change for the last 1 month.

    One thing I dislike with incredible charts is that you can not scan specific periods of time and are restricted to a min of 1 month! ;(

    You may also have a look at the "equivolume" chart in incredible charts ;)

    Good Luck ;)

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    and then I guess it depends if you want to trade them, or just pick and sit on them...

    for trading, you might look for stocks with a large gap between high and low prices for the day.

    for holding, look for stocks in an uptrend that are well below their MA say 10-15% below their 30 day moving average (as long as there is no negative news)

    or just throw a dart at a list... ;)

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    where is the scan button? is it under some other name?

    thanks. on incredible charts i mean

  10. 8.8k
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    wonder how many of us just learnt something :)


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