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    Found on the net useful site

    HDTVs and Monitors,

    The tempting, nearly instinctual response to a oily, dusty, mucousy panel of glass or glasslike material is to reach under the sink, grab that bottle of Windex and the paper towels and spray that stuff down. Do not do this. There are some TVs and displays for which Windex will do the jobCRT televisions, for example, and some glass-paneled screensand if you've been using Windex in the past without incident, don't worry too much. But also, stop.

    Spraying any kind of cleaner onto a screen isn't a great idea. These panels aren't weatherproof, so if your sprayed solvent runs into the crack between the panel surface and the display bezel, there will be tragedy. Furthermore, Windex is a glass cleaner: a lot of your screens' outer layers aren't glass, or have some kind of delicate coating. Ammonia-based cleaners, for example, can microscopically abrade some plastic surfaces, causing your screen to become slightly foggy over time. And for your cleaning tool, paper towels aren't terrible, but they're also somewhat riskyscreen coatings can be extremely delicate, and paper towels can sometimes be a little rough. Plus, they're prone to leaving streaks, no matter what liquid you're using.

    So, what's the trick? Water.

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    Works my APPLE screen beautiful just done LOL

    from link in last post

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    The stuff

    Cellphones, iPods and other media players are designed to be pocketed, so you can be a little rough on them during the cleaning process. A very slightly damp cloth or paper towel will remove whatever fingerprint or residue your shirt or jeans won't.

    As much as these gadgets are intended to live in pockets, they have an irritatingly high number of places for dust to hide itself. Cellphones have keypads, or, increasingly, sets up buttons at the base of a touchscreen or on the sideof the handset, all of which give dirt a place to accumulate. The grilles over cellphones' mics and speakers is another refuge for sludge, and they're totally immune to simple wipedowns. For this, you've got to go one step further. Luckily, you've probably got all the supplies you need in your house already.

    Wooden toothpicks and old toothbrushes help reach into cracks and crevices, like those around buttons or running around the perimeter of some display panels. (Samsung and HTC are particularly guilty of leaving spaces in places like that.)

    Sometimes, as in the case of the tiny little mic/speaker grilles on some phones, you don't want to push dirt in, but rather pull it out. For those situations, lay a strip of scotch tape over the afflicted area, run your finger over it a few times, and pull it off. If that doesn't work, upgrade to duct tapethough you'll want to be a bit more gentle with that, since applying too much pressure can leave adhesive on your device, which is a pain to wipe off.

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    Very interesting Plat.

    I have a screen cleaner purchased at ridiculous expense and works absolute wonders.

    Read your post which reminded me to clean my screen! Took me ages to find anywhere it said what the contents actually were.

    So ended up wondering if I paid a lot for cream coloured water :lol:

    Sure enough, found it in very small print (where's the magnifying glass)...contents are de-ionized water and polymers..and ofcourse the very soft cloth supplied.

    To get dust off all other household items:

    Found the most amazing cloth and all for about $1.50.

    It's a xmas T-Towel with fine gold coloured threads through it. Now for some strange reason this t-towel picks up every speck of dust with one wipe, and doesn't send the dust flying about.

    For a person that detests dusting this = one happy Blaize.

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    when all else fails

    Elbow grease LOL

    old fashion remedy we all hate.

    Now PLAT not the best at keeping his stuff neat and tidy but my 2010 resolution`s will take care of any thingo

    Your a switched on lassie

    Have a good one more later

    some study reports for the daytraders LOL

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    "It's a xmas T-Towel with fine gold coloured threads through it. Now for some strange reason this t-towel picks up every speck of dust with one wipe, and doesn't send the dust flying about.'

    Blaize , u better get the tea towel tested could be a special t.tower with actual gold. U just hit the jackpot could be worth a mint.


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    Hi Plat .. Thankyou for raising important issue so often overlooked

    For 8-12 years I have run " Nicks paint and Panel" Nick's Auto refinish" a one man band , very poor wages but a job I loved.

    Part of my work involved detailing .. IMHO for the very first time I can put a term to all those chemicals like windex for cleaning veichle glass and desmogging These products are scam as useless as tits on a bull.

    Glass in veichles, homewindows should never have chemical residue because it fractions light passing through glass/plastic rainbow effect

    What is the solution ...... two plastic buckets of water for house and vecichle glass one for warm water add very, very small amount of dish cleaner or pinch ofquality washing powder the other a sysnthetic chamois ($5) the idea is to wash clean from one bucket and for the second to take all chemical residue.(keep rinsing the chamois with clean water)

    > > >

    Those cold winter days when there is water condensation on the inside of our vehicle windows reducing visiblity to zero we are tempted to wipe with the back of our hand ..... DO NOT . miniscule dust and oil residue from our skin the window dries leaving smudges and stains on the glass seen when dried.... Remedy keep a $5 synthetic chamois moist and in its yellow plastic tube in the glove box ... buy two or more and leave around the house.

    Same for PC screens,

    Question .... what cleans clothes in our washing machine .... the water or powder ? ... or both

    Its always a two part cycle isn't it after a wash theres rinse

    Warm PC screens and vehicle/house windows are self drying like washload of clothes hang out in the sun, it is by far more important for that second rinse

    > > > >

    Theres a ammazing cheap product ( but read instructions carefully) I also used for detailing for polishing Called " LONG LIFE" (self shining floor polish by Pascoes) it is not a wax but like wax it fills all those plastic miniscule pores when dry , acts as a barrier against dust and dirt and preserves newness ... NOTE : DO NOT USE ON GLASS OR PC SCREENS but for all other applications will be fine. Two or three coats of " LONG LIFE" and our PC towers, speakers, keyboard anything plastic will look like it's got coated in glass ... !!

    Properous new year, .. keep well

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