Human Rights

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    U.S. congressional study urges sanctions on China over 'crimes against humanity'

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    as opposed to two self admitted ( preemptive ) war crimes in Iraq

    maybe they should stick with one war at a time

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    The American war on marijuana is one of the worst ongoing abuses of human rights that exists , millions of people around the globe continue to be unjustly arrested incarcerated and denied all human rights for the heinous crime of smoking joints ????? Criminally corrupt governments police forces solicitors doctors prisons are getting away with locking up honest hardworking people to enable themselves and their rotten cronies to be able to steal our hard earned tax dollars .

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    Human Rights Watch chief barred entry to Hong Kong ahead of critical report on China

    The global head of Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said he was denied entry to Hong Kong on Sunday, where he was scheduled to launch the organisation's latest world report with a focus on China's "intensifying assault" on human rights.
    Key points:

    Kenneth Roth said China's efforts to interfere with the work of international groups like Human Rights Watch was a form of global censorship
    The annual report will now be launched on January 14 at the United Nations in New York
    Mr Roth said officials told him he was barred from entering Hong Kong due to "immigration reasons"

    HRW, based in New York, was scheduled to release its 652-page World Report 2020 at the Foreign Correspondent Club in Hong Kong on January 15.

    The group's executive director Kenneth Roth said he was blocked at Hong Kong airport from entering for the first time, having entered freely in the past.

    "Sadly this episode is just the latest evidence that the Chinese Government is doing everything it can to undermine the enforcement of international human rights standards," Mr Roth said.

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    No Country should be doing any business with China.

    The only shining Light on our Planet is DONALD TRUMP.

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    STOP upsetting the left loves.

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    It is said that there are more people locked up in America than are locked up in China ?? the only politician on earth who upholds the values of democracy is Justin Trudeau , Canadians don't get arrested and thrown in jail for smoking a marijuana cigarettes. .

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    krueger ... consider moving to Amsterdam :)

    Amsterdam has placed 12th in Mercer’s Quality of Life index for cities ... it probably would have rated higher but no-one there could be bothered voting for it

    Amsterdam Offers an Incredible Quality of Life

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