I don't like intercourse

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    I don't like intercourse, but I like to have orgasms myself. It's annoying to do it all myself, but few people want to do just masturbation while looking at each other. What should I do?

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    Hey babies it's ya lucky day.
    Email ya address and I cum around and we maturation together but I com on yer face .
    Sweet babies sweet???????
    Email: mulletman@hotmail.com

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    I used to think this MulletMan moron was just another creation of Karlos 68's.
    Now I'm not so sure. It could be, but even with the brain in his dickhead, I don't think he would be creating imbeciles to this extent for sock puppets.

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    Hey meathead
    Sabrina my new chickie babe
    Got Dat sonny
    Move on new forum if you want chickiebabes

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    Ugnore Karlos Sabrina
    Me and you have gud times

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    Holy flip.....this caught my attention. My name mentioned but I see Mulletman is actually referring to DH Karlos.

    Hey Mulletman, seems sabrina may be appealing mate but just another rubbish thread start which likely will have another member appear and provide such great insite with a link to a hook up website.
    Sorry to break it to you buddy.
    If hot tips required, just ask Karlos 😉

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    It's true that you don't meet many people who are willing to just masturbate in the same room. I think most people would want intercourse. Have you tried chat-roulette or something like that? There are plenty of people there who won't mind masturbating with you on camera. Like sex cam random https://18fu.com/chat-ruletka.html wouldn't be a bad option. Also I think you should look for such people on various adalt forums. I think somewhere you'll find like-minded people

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    Absolutely awesome timing mamarika to provide advice from your personal experience of masturbating in a room full of people but great suggestion for Sabrina.
    Cheers and welcome to TopStocks.

    Sorry Mulletman, I did fore warn you.
    Hopefully not heartbreaking for you matey. Chicks come and go. This one never was happening chap.

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    Mulletman........You all good friend?

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    Sweet as sweet as sweet as sweet Karlos
    Missing my new babie Sabrina
    Haven't heard from her fer days now
    She must be shy

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