Ideanomics Inc. NASDAQ: IDEX

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    Capitalizing on the Electric Vehicle Revolution

    "Focused on facilitating end-to-end solutions for the purchase of commercial electric vehicles & developing next generation of financial services and Fintech products"

    NEWS - Ideanomics' (Nasdaq: $IDEX) Mobile Energy Group Sales Receives $7.2M US.

    Key Investment Highlights

    • EV World Market Growth CAGR of 25.6%
    • Institutional Ownership
    • Stock Trades Below Book Value
    • Doing Business In the Largest Market in the World
    • Strong Experienced Management
    • 2020 Exponential Growth


    Ideanomics, Inc. trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol IDEX is based in New York, NY, USA, and has offices in Beijing, China.

    Ideanomics is a diversified company and primarily operates in the United States and Asia with reported assets of $164,763,676 along with revenues of $ 43,286,378 (Q-3 2019).

    Its main operating division is the Mobile Energy Group (MEG) which has been focusing on the expanding global electric-vehicle market.

    MEG specializes with companies that have commercial fleets that require by law and government zero emissions mandates to acquire new electric vehicles for their businesses.

    Called the "Amazon Platform" for EV with end to end sales & services where enterprises can have full procurement, financing, insurance, batteries and energy along with subsidies for the adoption of electric commercial vehicles.

    Over the next 2 years in China more than 24 million commercial vehicles will be required to be replaced with electric vehicles. Ideanomics is well established and strategically positioned to gain a substantial market share of this EV business opportunity.

    In Q3 2019, MEG’s China EV unit turned a profit with only 4,172 taxis sold and delivered, only a small fraction of the 1.2 million taxis available for EV adoption.

    In August 2019, MEG completed its first sales order of 11,000 e-Taxis for City of Chengdu, China, secured an order in Yunnan Province for 35,000 EV taxis and another order in Guilin, Guanxi Province for 2,300 EV taxis in November 2019.

    MEG operates through partnerships with China’s largest automakers, Build Your Dreams (China) (BYD) and Beijing Automotive Industry Co. (BAIC) as well as 24 transportation and 8 financial partners as an end-to-end solutions provider with vehicle procurement, financing, battery charging and energy management needs.

    In July 2019, Ideanomics invested in Glory Connection Snd. Bhd, (Glory) a vehicle manufacturer based in Malaysia. Glory holds the only license granted to date for the manufacturing of electric vehicles in Malaysia and is in the process of setting up its manufacturing and assembly capabilities.

    Ideanomics’ FinTech division consist of its ownership of the Delaware Board of Trade (DBOT) an Alternative Trading System, Intelligenta a marketing AI solutions company that serves the Financial Services industry and a new FinTech Village, a 58-acre development site in West Hartford, Connecticut.

    The fintech business division offers customized services based on best-in-class blockchain, AI and other technologies to mature and emerging businesses across various industries. The company is building a financial technology ecosystem through license agreements, joint ventures and strategic investments, which is referred to as Ideanomics’ “Fintech Ecosystem”.

    Share Structure Sept 30, 2019
    Market Cap $88,849,138
    Outstanding Shares 162,076,044
    Restricted Shares 74,424,144
    Unrestricted Shares 87,651,900
    52 Week Hi-lo $2.84-$0.43

    Assets - $164,763,676
    Revenues - $ 43,286,378

    Institutional Ownership: Fidelity, BlackRock, Vanguard, Charles Schwab, Barclay's Capital

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    Ideanomics Announced Over $1B Electric Vehicle Orders

    Announced $750M Order from Beijing Silk Road Rainbow Car Rental

    Announced $125M Order from Sichuan Shenwu Yunli Transportation

    Announced $250M in Multiple Orders from Zhitong 3000

    Announced May 1st Operational Opening of Qingdao EV Hub

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    NEWS - Ideanomics To Monetize EV Energy Sales

    NEW YORK, April 7, 2020 -- Ideanomics, (NASDAQ: IDEX) ("Ideanomics" or the "Company"), is pleased to announce that MEG 's energy sales unit has deployed a pilot platform in Nanjing, China which will focus on streamlining the operational aspects of EV energy sales and consumption and will serve as a blueprint to a broader roll-out in both Nanjing, and across other major cities in China.

    Ideanomics Inc (NASDAQ:IDEX) CEO Alf Poor tells Proactive Investor that its electric vehicle division, Mobile Energy Global has recently deployed a pilot platform in Nanjing to streamline energy sales, and it will serve “as a blueprint” for a broader rollout in the city as well as other big Chinese cities.

    2020 Press Releases Summary

    Apr 6, 2020
    Reported Qingdao City Construction Investment Entered into Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Sun Seven Stars Investment to Raise Funds for Lease Finance of Ideanomics EV Sales
    -- Qingdao City Construction Investment Group signs up to RMB 50 Billion (approximately USD $7 Billion) fund to finance investments in Shandong Province

    Apr 1, 2020
    Announced Operations Back to Normal; Announces More EV Sales
    - Orders total approximately RMB 57.8 Million or $8.1 Million USD

    Mar 31, 2020
    Reported China Extended New Energy Vehicle Purchase Subsidies and Purchase Tax Exemption Policy for Two Years
    - EV Automotive industry to benefit from favorable policies in China stimulus package

    Mar 27, 2020
    Announced the Formation of Business Entities to Capitalize on China's RMB 24 trillion ($3.4 trillion) "New Infrastructure" Investments
    ­- MEG's New Energy Vehicles has formed a strategic cooperation with CATL, Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd., Chery Automobile Group, CEMI Group, iUnicorn (Shenma Zhuanche)

    Mar 23, 2020
    Announced Strategic Agreement with Leading EV Heavy Truck and Bus Manufacturer, BeiBen Heavy Truck
    - Deal will facilitate electric heavy-duty truck sales in China, starting with Inner Mongolia mines and the port of Qingdao

    Mar 20, 2020
    Announced May 1st Operational Opening of Qingdao EV Hub
    - Center will be branded as Mobile Energy Group Center

    Mar 16, 2020
    Announced Order from Beijing Silk Road Rainbow Car Rental
    - Order totals approximately 4Billion RMB, or $575 Million USD

    Mar 16, 2020
    Announced Order from Sichuan Shenwu Yunli Transportation
    - Order totals approximately 1.5Billion RMB, or $215 Million USD

    Mar 12, 2020
    Announced Multiple Orders from Zhitong 3000
    - Order totals approximately 1.8Billion RMB, or $250 Million USD

    Mar 3, 2020
    Announced Sales Subsidiary to open 100,000 square meters facility in the City Qingdao
    - Flagship sales center for both new and used commercial and passenger Electric Vehicles

    Jan 28, 2020
    Announced Subsidiary Receives Investment from Qingdao City at 2 Billion RMB valuation
    - Initial investment received is ¥50 Million RMB (approx. $7.2M US)

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    Signs Agreement with Smart Travel Technology Leader

    Target sales of 30,000 units, value approx. $ 562 Million

    NEW YORK -- Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX), Mobile Energy Global (MEG) division announced that its Qingdao subsidiary Qingdao Chengyang Ainengju New Energy Sales and Service Co. has signed a framework strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Qinou Holding Group Co., Ltd (Qinou Group). Under the terms of the agreement, MEG will provide Qinou Holdings with its S2F (sales to financing) capabilities, to facilitate the procurement and financing of the electric taxis and battery exchange systems.

    Taxi fleet operators have been slow to convert to EVs due to the increased amount of time taxis have to spend offline to recharge. Qinou Group's battery exchange technology solves this challenge, enabling taxi operators to confidently adopt EV taxis and meet regulatory requirements. Qinou Group focuses on the operation of smart travel power exchange systems, facilitating quick and simple battery exchange, and is committed to the development and operation of the smart travel ecosystem. It provides a full suite of technical solutions, battery packs and battery replacement stations and charging stations developed through its CEMIBO SrL and CEMI Studio LLP subsidiaries in Bologna, Italy.

    To help promote the partnership, MEG and Qinou Group will jointly market electric taxis with battery exchange capabilities in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, including some orders already secured by MEG. The marketing partnership intends to expand to other regions in the future. MEG and Qinou Group project sales of 30,000 units by 2023, valued at RMB 4 Billion (USD 562 million). The immediate sales projections are 50 units within Q2 2020, valued at approximately RMB 6.8 million (USD 1 million). For 2020, MEG and Qinou Group project up to 5,000 units, valued at approximately RMB 650 million (USD 91 million).

    Secures First Order For Qingdao EV Hub

    130 units SAIC EV Brand Roewe - For Immediate Q2 Delivery

    NEW YORK -- Ideanomics' (NASDAQ: IDEX), Mobile Energy Global (MEG) division announced its Qingdao subsidiary Qingdao Chengyang Ainengju New Energy Sales and Service Co., Ltd has secured its first EV order from a Hangzhou-based customer for 130 EV units from SAIC's Roewe brand.

    The order value is approximately RMB 17.5 Million (approx. USD 2.5 Million), and is comprised of 80 units of Roewe's 2019 model ei6 Honor 80 Deluxe Edition, 20 units of its 2020 EX5 vehicle, and 30 units of its ei5 2020 Deluxe Edition. The order is for immediate delivery and anticipated to be completed within the second quarter. Qingdao Chengyang Ainengju New Energy Sales and Service Co., Ltd assisted with financing and purchase activities on behalf of its customer.

    "We are very pleased to have secured this first meaningful order for our Qingdao center, particularly as the customer required financing assistance with its EV orders," said Alf Poor, CEO of Ideanomics. "Our MEG team was able to fulfill this quickly and efficiently, through our Qingdao subsidiary, getting the customer the terms they needed. This type of order is precisely why we developed our S2F2C model, and we're delighted our Qingdao activities are underway."

    Ideanomics Business Model

    Commercial EV Sales - Revenue Streams

    Lease Financing – Fund Supported

    Cash & Non-Cash Fund Sales

    Quingdao EV Hub Sales

    Treeletrick Asean Sales

    Energy Sales - Revenue Streams

    Prepaid Electricity Sales for Commercial Fleets

    EV Fast Charging Network Sales

    5G Smart City Energy Sales

    Electricity Purchasing Card with China Union Pay

    About Ideanomics

    Ideanomics is a global company focused on facilitating the adoption of commercial electric vehicles and developing next generation financial services and Fintech products. Its electric vehicle division, Mobile Energy Global (MEG) provides group purchasing discounts on commercial electric vehicles, EV batteries and electricity as well as financing and charging solutions. Ideanomics Capital includes DBOT ATS and Intelligenta which provide innovative financial services solutions powered by AI and blockchain. MEG and Ideanomics Capital provide our global customers and partners with better efficiencies and technologies and greater access to global markets.

    The company is headquartered in New York, NY, and has offices in Beijing and Qingdao, China.


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    Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) CEO Alf Poor joined Steve Darling from Proactive with the news the company has finally opened the largest auto trading market in Qingdao at MEG's Qingdao EV hub.

    Poor discusses why they decided to build this superstore and also why this location is perfect to service other Electric Vehicle markets as well.

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    "TESLA Model 3 as Proof of Concept"

    Ideanomics Finalizing EV Taxi Orders - To Provide Tesla Model 3 as a Proof of Concept

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    MORE NEWS MORE SALES - Ideanomics MEG Announces 200 EV Order from Neijiang City, Sichuan Province

    NEWS - Ideanomics MEG Unveils Global Strategy and Expansion of Its Truck Division to Include H2FCVs

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    Ideanomics MEG Truck Division Medici Motor Works Reveals Branding and Positioning

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    Tesla's China Revenue Soars in Q2

    Tesla reported revenue of $1.4 billion in China in the second quarter, soaring 102.9 percent year-on-year and accounting for 23.19 percent of the total.

    During the first six months, Tesla reported $2.3 billion in revenues in China, accounting for 19.13 percent of the total $12.02 billion.

    Tesla delivered 31,000 electric vehicles to China-based customers in the second quarter, accounting for one-third of its global sales, according to the China Passenger Car Association.

    Nasdaq:IDEX - The EV Revolution - TESLA Model 3 Proof of Concept

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    Buys "WAVE" USA EV Wireless Charging Company

    USA WAVE - Video

    Ideanomics Inc. - Medici Motor Works

    Trucks & Specialty Vehicles coming to the USA in 2021

    Medici Motors - Trucks & Specialty Vehicles coming to the USA in 2021

    Purchase Agreement for 2,000 Units of D1, BYD's Custom Electric Ride-hailing Vehicle

    EV Conference Presentation with CEO Mr. Alf Poor

    Ideanomics Inc. (Nasdaq-IDEX)

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