Is ESG investing just plain investing?

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    ESG investing – Fad or future?


    i am betting FAD , BECAUSE two of the necessary factors are Sustainability , GOVERNANCE .

    now i could dismiss 'governance ' by just mentioning the Hayne Royal Commission ( which trashed the reputation of 25% of our top 20 stocks , AMP was a top 20 stock back then ) but i won't , governance is now also endangered by 'diversity ' and 'board refresh-mania '

    now Sustainability sounds fine until you add in 'regulatory risk' ( normally the whim of some government official BUT now can be as a result of 'Cancel Culture ' )

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    Large Public Pension Plans ‘Move Aggressively’ Toward ESG Integration, Even as Smaller Plans Fall Short

    how about you focus on the part the REALLY matters to the worker ... RETURNS

    there will be inflation coming soon and talking up ESG isn't going to cut it

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    The Future of Shareholder Activism Won’t Be Led by Hedge Funds

    yep looking to exit VHY and VAS ( at a price )

    SYI MIGHT stay

    and IHD will be considered for the chop

    there is no point having these fund managers using MY money to act against my best interests

    now sure do it with their own cash .. but no they won't they will leverage the unit-holders cash to push their own agendas


    ( mind you they might be replaced with ETFs that just focus in managing portfolios )

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