Is Shale Oil For Real?

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    Those who've been here for a while will know that I'm a natural skeptic.

    Therefore, when I hear all of these reports that the USA has suddenly regained its energy independence due to shale oil deposits, and that all sorts of countries are now claiming similar things...well, it starts to "smell".

    Now, I must admit that I haven't much examined this movement before, having considered it a bit of bluster.

    However, I've recently read a couple of people who I respect giving it coverage (if not exactly endorsing it). So, I went looking for good, detailed, scientific information about it. And, guess what I found?


    Well, nothing apart from propaganda on both sides of the aisle. However, the proponents pump it up as a "gamechanger".

    So, my query to others here is: can you please point me in the direction of the most reliable studies (either confirming or refuting shale oil) that you know of.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is my concern about it, both shale oil and the shale gas, is that we must drill nearly everywhere to get it and destroy the water table and there's nothing stopping them drilling under your house and property it seems.

    Nothing appears off limits in the grab for oil and gas.

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    may i deeply respect your ability to be a skeptic, my limited knowledge is the shale is dug like coal then the oil is extracted but MP might know a lot better

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    Ok,I will give you an answer based on my own research and experience.

    Shale is basically a rock combined with kerogin,which has under heat and pressure over many thousands of years formed hydrocarbons(oil,gas,condensate,natural gas liquids.

    Most shales have very little permability(the ability for hydrocarbons to migrate through the rock),if any,whist many have quite good porosity(ability for the rock to store hydrocarbons between the particles).

    There are other things needed for a successful shale such as TOC(total organic carbon-amount of organic matter),brittleness(ability to respond to fracture stimulation).

    So basically there are large areas of these shales that depositionally created hydrocarbons,had the ability to store them and they were captured there.

    Now through technology companies drill vertically down to the shale horizon then horizontally through the shale for many thousands of feet.

    This gives the well bore the maximum amount of conectivity to the shale.

    They then break the horozontal up into sections and fracture the rock with high pressure fluids,(to create the permabity or pathway)then a propent(usually sand is pushed into the fractures to keep them open)and conectivity is established between the reservoir(hydrocarbons) and the well bore.

    Shales are quite often uniform and cover very large areas.

    The energy revolution is real,it is happening esp in the united states.They have existing infastructure,they have the expertise,the have the equipment and they have a very large shale resource.

    All the best.

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    Yes, that's as I understood it, as well.

    Where my skepticism kicks in, is in the assertion that it can provide long-term, competitive alternatives to traditional, liquid hydrocarbons.

    Obviously, it can provide a supplement to those sources, but can it replace it? I have heard that the wells have a very short lifespan, compared with traditional wells and that in order to produce them, you need to burn a lot of energy in the form of drilling, stimulation, etc.

    I have no doubt that you can produce some oil from the technology (and I know that they are producing oil from it). My question is whether it is the holy grail which many recent news articles are suggesting.

    All I can find so far are green articles proclaiming that it represents accelerated global doom, and industry assertions that it will solve all of our problems.

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    so the physical mining and then crushing it was too hard ??

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    Shale oil is in itself nothing TheWord, its the technique of extraction which is, Halliberton is the pioneer of fracking shale.

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    On 14/11/2011 BHP put out an investor briefing on why the are moving into unconventional resource plays in the US.

    BHP have made significant purchases in shale gas,which has very little if any liquid content.

    Now gas in the US sells for about $2.30 per thousand cubic feet.In Australia it is $9-$11 for the same quantity.Although they have some very good acreage in the eagle ford shale and probably the permian basin for liquids.

    Practically no company can make money currently from dry gas in the US.But liquids are different,oil,condensate(light oil easily refined into diesel),natural gas liquids(around half the price of oil).

    So most companies in the us hydrocarbon space are chasing oil or liquids.

    All the best

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    Are you refering to oil sands or oil shale where they need to heat the rock to liquify the oil for extraction?

    These techniques mostly occur in Canada and can be very energy intensive.

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    sounds like that was only a theory back when i read about it , so the risk of a runaway fire/explosion is catered for??

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    It is the holy grail for the US back to super power status, please prepare yourseslf for spmething you may at first find repulsive

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    Shale fracking process

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    Prepare yourself TheWord for the downside,that US congress will not stop US back to super power status

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    I think there was an Australian Company that said it will make an "Gas to Liquid plant" targeting non-conventional hydrocarbons; Shale Gas.

    Do you want the name of the company?

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    (oops the link gave it away... :oops: )

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    This is part of the fracking process after the exploding the casing ,then pumping water & sand at very high pressure down wells to send oil & gas back to the surface

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    is if gonefishing doesn't have enough "busy"threads to read though :) can't talk Gunshow into thinning them out

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    very odd... I didn't do it

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