Jacinda Ardern announces trans-Tasman bubble will start in days

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    awesome my AIZ shares are already up for sale

    maybe the target price will get hit

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    Virgin makes shock call on NZ border announcement


    Virgin smell a trap ( and i agree )

    who wants to fly in a plane full of vaccinated carriers

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    Jacinda has cautioned that the travel between both the countries would happen under the guidance of flyer beware and would not happen as they were before COVID-19. Travellers should brace for the likelihood of travel delays if an outbreak happens, she added.NZ PM Jacinda Ardern announced Tuesday that a trans-Tasman travel bubble would start in 2 weeks. The quarantine-free travel will start from April 18 at 11:59 pm. Ardern revealed that the requirements for opening up of the quarantine-free travel with Australia had been fulfilled and the director general of health then considered the risk of transmission of COVID-19 from Australia to NZ to be low.news source:kalkinemedia

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    "We have looked at places like Singapore, Japan and South Korea, and countries like this," he said while warning discussions were not in advanced stages.

    PM Adern says Australia needs to work through what exactly a hotspot is and how it will be contained before travel can recommence. Source: AAP
    Travel bubbles to other nations could commence from August. Source: AAP
    Government sources told the Sydney Morning Herald a bubble with Singapore is being prioritised however, there is an expectation the city-state would require proof of vaccination before travel



    anyone wanting to buy tickets to the Tokyo Olympics ( already postponed from 2020 )

    maybe these clowns have killed off the Olympics for good

    ( think of the sports grants we will save )

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