Jehovah's Witnesses Had Foes Before Putin

  1. 1.8k

    zapac, Fair enough. Yes most people were ignorant back then, but aren`t they still (perhaps even worse...?). At least back then they were thinkers and were trying to come up with different ideas to how or who created our universe. Whereas today people behave like zombies and swallow any bs that their rabbi or priest or the Imam feeds them. Superstitions...? probably more today than ever. Some remained from the past and others were added with time, such as the broken mirror, walking under a step ladder, Friday the 13th, knock on wood and plenty others.

    And, again,to be clear, I don`t worship anyone or anything. I grew up in an "atheist" home. Never had the urge or the need to search for "god" or to have god in my life. I always and still think that those who believe and worship a god, any god, are simply either ignorant or lazy. It is my curiosity with ancient history and belief systems (what drives them) that made look in the bible (old and new) and see if there is anything there that might shade light. After doing an in-depth research I came to the conclusion that the text was wrongly interpreted. Now, whether you find my explanation to make sense or not, that`s up to you. I only gave you a few examples but those who heard the full version find it externally fascinating or very interesting.

  2. 3.6k

    Wow after reading all that offence....But it is out there....plainly so. Now about the Garden of Eden....Do you have it on GPS....I am sure it is nowhere near me.....Bloody snails ate half my garden after the last big downpour a couple weeks ago.....I can only toss around a couple handfuls of 'safe pet friendly' snail pellets - at a time - and hope for the best..which is not poisoning my dog...But the rain made the snails overwhelming and decimated about half of what I had there....It was a massacre....Pity I couldn't call in an airstrike.....I love the smell of napalm....anytime of the day......You know that BBQ smell? You never forget it if you lived, like me - downwind from a Japanese crematorium.....It smells like.....dead people being cooked......You get used to it.....Fortunately they don't do it during the evenings - so people can prepare dinners that don't smell like - victory.....

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