Junked gold.

  1. 6.9k

    Amazes me why people let gold go for a couple of dollars just because its broken. Sometimes it isnt broken & its still sold for cheaper than what its actually worth.

    I always carry my jewellers loupe when digging through piles of tangled chains etc. As you will see it pays off if you stick to it.


  2. 1.8k

    the peanut is under the one on the left....... :D

    nice opportunism, sixpac

  3. 6.9k

    The peanut was holding the camera, lol.

    Opportunistic yes and I never feel guilty and I nearly always haggle down on price. The thing is the owner/seller always has the option to stick to price, say no, retract an item from sale or tell me to you know what off and all have happened in the past, trust me.

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