Kevin Shipp ex CIO office becomes whistle blower.

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    Kevin Shipp ex CIO office becomes whistle blower and educates the sheeple people.
    I think Shipp should know what goes on more than anyone on some forum, especially this one.

    It's rather long but all you have to do is sit on your bums, look, listen and learn instead of believing ridiculous things like it matters who the president is. They make only minor decisions that don't interfere with the corruption.
    It's only a shadow government but it is still controlled and every president, which includes Trump, has his elegance to those who control it.
    Trump is forced to not get out of line or he will go the way JFK did.
    Hillary Clinton win would be even worse for the country as she is part of the corruption that exists.

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    Tangled Webb that one...worlds a mess!

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    1930s all over trade wars ..depression then war.. i hope not///

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    Market crash is on the cards as well but yes, the others are a huge worry.

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    CCP controls every Corporation in China, and the USA finances it. Trumps trade war has bought them to their knees and Wall St doesn't like it.

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    GMO Cornballs from the CIA Farm put into positions of power to control the people.
    Juan O Savin calls Jennifer Mac about the Trump Family and Patriots harvesting Corn
    The end of the road for these Deep State corn cobs is Gitmo
    Trump is going after the monster paedophiles , the sick corn foisted on the people by those that want the NWO

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