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    Thought I was through with fossil fuels but this popped up this morning, looking like a pretty good story. (Don't know what management are like)

    Due to having itchy fingers from lack of participation, I decided to cut loose with a grands worth, 250,000 shares.


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    Very topsey turvey this oil and gas sector and will continue to be so I'd imagine.
    If prices get worse then more companies go broke and production is less, or if prices get better then companies survive and production continues.
    Meanwhile if lock-downs continue demand will be down but if things open up with diminishing pandemic then demand will increase.
    !!!!!!! ?


  3. 273

    I'd be very wary of KEY, they have a poor history. EP437 has been touted by management as the next best thing in the Perth Basin due to nearology for ages and has amounted to nothing in well over a decade to the best of my knowledge.

    I presume Kane is still the MD? His father drove EGO close to the wall before a shareholder revolt drove him out, and the new board put the nail in the coffin allowing for MIN to take over the assets of EGO for next to nothing. There was a lot of trouble with Kane's father, Kane and his sister with shareholders in EGO, with Kane's father suing multiple shareholders for alleged defamation and there was also allegations by at least one shareholder against Kane and his sister.

    I would suggest treading very cautiously with KEY.

  4. 3.4k

    Worth hearing.
    I sold my quota when the oil price dropped for the same price I paid, so only lost the broker fee.

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  5. 5.5k

    the corporate watchdog is asleep the Marshalls should have been banned from sitting on boards years ago .

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