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    We are huge fans of Korean TV....you can find it if yougoogle and english subtitles are done by nice Koreans who want to show their country is so great on other websites. And they are correct. Just have to merge the video with subtitles - Wondershare works for me The best TV dramas on the planet are south korean - by far.......No one else comes close.....Not insulting other countries....Just an obvious fact. They did 'The Good Doctor' a couple years ahead of the lame US version - and they did it so much better - it is insulting to compare them - The Korean version was so good.

    Then they also did their version of Criminal Minds.....after the US this time.....but so much better....

    And they have done so many excellent dramas - I honestly cannot count them.....I mainly remember the great skill of all involved...And of course our favourite actress.....Moon Chae Won......

    It has gotten to the point I won't watch anything except The Korean or Japanese dramas.....The US, UK, and Australian charades are an insult to viewer intelligence....I cannot watch their rubbish.....The Koreans are the best, the Japanese not far behind.....Try yourself and accept the reality of plainly superb talent.....It will be immediately obvious....

  2. 3.6k

    And so far no perfect confirmation.....Of the best TV entertainment on the planet......I am currently watching 'While You Were Sleeping'......About a few Koreans of various ages who have similar dreams after suffering very traumatic events. It is one of the very best possible! It is superb,,,,,,9.5 out of 10......and easily deserves it......Thanks SBS Korea!!!

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