Laptop service.

  1. 3.8k

    Does anyone know if it's worth getting your laptop serviced ?
    Mine is 2-3 years old and appears to be slowing down a bit.
    Harvey Norman quoted $145 ?

  2. 74.0k

    slowing down or filling up with junk
    ( trackers cookies , broken short cuts etc )

    try the free versions of CCleaner AND Glary Utilities first

    both do slightly different things

    FWIW i hold HVN but try these first

    most of my issues are the NBN and individual sites and my laptop is at least 4 years old ( but with 8 GB of ram )

    PS normally the keyboards start failing first on my laptops

    so if your keyboard is fine suspect junk first


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  3. 3.8k

    Downloaded CCleaner, then they gave me the prices
    not getting caught up with paying

  4. 74.0k

    am using FREE for the last 2 years , not so fancy but gets rid of a lot of crap but NOT everything

    run CCleaner first Glary second ( or the other way ) and see what they each miss

    watched others have interesting issues with paid versions of many products so avoid paid versions of anything

    that is FREE not 'free trail '
    try here and avoid the 'upgrade , unless you really want to buy


    if all else fails uninstall after using once or twice

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  5. 3.8k

    Got the CCleaner free.
    Had to sign back into things.
    They did the scan and clean.
    I think/hope !!!

  6. 74.0k

    get the Glary ( free ) as well you will be surprised what each misses

    hope that fixes your problems


    BTW you can tell it to skip your open browser but scan when you reboot say after your system update but before opening the browser

    those pesky trackers and cookies seem to breed like viruses ( up to 15000 in one cleaning episode and 300 MB of space)

  7. 3.8k

    Maybe next Sunday.
    I haven't got the head for these sort of things.

  8. 74.0k

    chances are Micro$oft will do an update the week if it does run the CCleaner straight after the laptop reboots don't forget to do the registry clean ( No. 3 down on the list of options )

    M$ is often messy on the updates

    sometimes the problems AREN'T you , but they try to blame you just the same

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  9. 4.9k

    My Asus laptop getting on in year's (since upgraded to windows 10 etc. but as you said salvation some microsoft/windows updates are more trouble than what their worth). I used a program called "driver restore" to scan and repair all my outdated driver's on my Asus that since worked really well:)

    I used free trial version to update all my driver's etc. and then cancelled soon after so they don't charge you for a full year.

    Cheers tela

  10. 37

    Not long ago I changed my computer to a newer one, due to the fact that it was breaking so often and I had to take it to the service, almost once a half year. That was the reason I bought a new computer. It didn't come out expensive,go to this websiteto see from where I bought it. I can say that it includes everything I need. I use the computer very often during work, so it was inevitable to buy a better device. I prefer Samsung computers, because I have been working with them for a long time and they arrange me. Plus to that I did not want to get used to another type of laptop.

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