LME Cu through $5,900 as bull run continues

  1. 10.4k

    Three-month copper pushed through $5,900 per tonne in pre-market trading on the London Metal Exchange on Monday as prices remained strong in Asia overnight and money continued flowing into base metals.

    Copper traded up to October 2008 highs of $5,948 per tonne in early trading on Monday after opening the trade at $5,765 per tonne.

    This compares with Fridays official settlement at $5,705/10 per tonne.

    Theres an awful lot of money coming out from under pillows... There are more buyers than sellers. With interest rates at 1% you can make 100% return in six months on a bunch of metals, said one trader.

    [Its] good to be in options: [with] puts and calls you can ride the tide both ways. The way to go has got to be options, just...

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