LOOK - Marijuana legalization vote in 5 more US States

  1. 6.0k

    Trumps has to his credit.

    Highest employment levels ever for....
    Hispanic Americans
    Black Americans
    Native Americans
    Returned servicemen
    Handicapped people
    Asian Americans
    Higher employment levels across the board since 1969 ...with an increase of population of over 60 million more since 1969.
    Has rid the Planet of 3 of the worst terrorists
    Has protected the US embassy in Iraq ,unlike Clinton and Obama with Benghazi failure.
    Has subsidised American farmers with tarriffs received from China.
    Has pulled China deceitful trade practices into line.
    Has stopped Missiles from entering international airspace from NK.
    The only states suffering in the USA are those currently under Democratic rule.
    No one should point the finger at Trump from this Country with the current Idiots Running us.
    When you look at the Greens and labor parties in Australia ,you can appreciate why this place will soon become a Third world shit hole.

    Hopefully Hansen can save us.

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  2. 5.1k

    I don't believe a word NK Iran or the red communist Chinese government says and i don't believe a word Trump says either , the truth is that 7 eleven and Wal-Mart employees and millions of poor Americans are working in jobs where they pay is a pittance and they qualify for welfare assistance ,another fact is that the idiots running Australia are the LNP and they have held power for 16 of the last twenty years .

  3. 6.0k

    Well it must have been bad under the Democrats....

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  4. 63

    krueger. Virtually all Americans for several years, can light up a joint wherever they like and the worst that might happen would be a fine. In over half the states they can blow the smoke in the cop's face. Relax, you can live there and smoke away. To help you pick your state a link to a US map. Of course I recommend Hawaii, the local weed will have you crawling on the ceiling. Not that I know personally, I read that somewhere.


    Can you find something else to whine about? Get Up would be a good start.

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