LOOK - Marijuana legalization vote in 5 more US States

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    Trumps has to his credit.

    Highest employment levels ever for....
    Hispanic Americans
    Black Americans
    Native Americans
    Returned servicemen
    Handicapped people
    Asian Americans
    Higher employment levels across the board since 1969 ...with an increase of population of over 60 million more since 1969.
    Has rid the Planet of 3 of the worst terrorists
    Has protected the US embassy in Iraq ,unlike Clinton and Obama with Benghazi failure.
    Has subsidised American farmers with tarriffs received from China.
    Has pulled China deceitful trade practices into line.
    Has stopped Missiles from entering international airspace from NK.
    The only states suffering in the USA are those currently under Democratic rule.
    No one should point the finger at Trump from this Country with the current Idiots Running us.
    When you look at the Greens and labor parties in Australia ,you can appreciate why this place will soon become a Third world shit hole.

    Hopefully Hansen can save us.

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  2. 6.6k

    I don't believe a word NK Iran or the red communist Chinese government says and i don't believe a word Trump says either , the truth is that 7 eleven and Wal-Mart employees and millions of poor Americans are working in jobs where they pay is a pittance and they qualify for welfare assistance ,another fact is that the idiots running Australia are the LNP and they have held power for 16 of the last twenty years .

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    Well it must have been bad under the Democrats....

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    krueger. Virtually all Americans for several years, can light up a joint wherever they like and the worst that might happen would be a fine. In over half the states they can blow the smoke in the cop's face. Relax, you can live there and smoke away. To help you pick your state a link to a US map. Of course I recommend Hawaii, the local weed will have you crawling on the ceiling. Not that I know personally, I read that somewhere.


    Can you find something else to whine about? Get Up would be a good start.

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    Nexts months vote to remove marijuana from the schedule 1 list of banned drugs will be the most significant piece of human rights legislation in eighty years , America Mexico and New Zealand are inching nearer to fully legalised dope everyday , the only silver lining for young people is the fact that the 60 plus year old conservatives that want to put them in jail for smoking dope will end up proving themselves to be dopes who will die untreated by marijuana medicines over the next decade.

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    Marijuana rescheduling bill in the U.S. being postponed is no surprise , meanwhile in N.Z. health officials have overwhelmingly thrown their support behind the yes vote to legalise marijuana at this months referendum ?the only people who oppose marijuana law reform are the Church and those who profit from the misery of others selling gambling grog tobacco .

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    Put down your pot for one second and look at 1st group
    You can bet on 1st group

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    Canberra's stoners are growing and smoking weed while medical patients in the rest of Australia are being arrested in record numbers for buying or using marijuana demonstrates how lawless undemocratic and corrupted Australia has become . The LNP DNGAF what the science or the law says they will be playing god with patients lives for as long as they are in office

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    Kiwis have a once in a lifetime opportunity to end systemic corruption forever by voting to legalise marijuana ion todays referendum , IMO todays referendum will be an overwhelming, support for conservative liberals in N.Z. is about 20% and based on these figures the only way a no vote is possible is if the vote count is delayed and tampered with,IMO the yes vote will be a supermajority of about 60% of kiwis .

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    A great day for democracy there is no way that the marijuana referendum in N.Z. is not a landslide yes following labor and the greens resounding election victory in . It will be interesting to watch what slimy moves the conservatives make in the next few weeks , I expect the conservative slime who have built jails to lock up dope smokers in will be furious they cant unfairly prosecute and jail kids for smoking joints .

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    All the polls are point to NZ voting No.

    I voted no because I see it as hypocritical of the govt to be banning smoking cigarettes by 2025 at the same time.
    If you read the legislation proposed they will legalise weed and then ban it in the same way as cigarettes so not helping the cause at all.
    Many kiwis I've spoke to dislike this as well.

    I'd rather see it decriminalised so like you say it stops needless harm and prosecution to those in society who can least defend the charges.

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    i think the route of drug intake might be an interesting side discussion , you can chew nicotine gum or patches , but nicotine ( without the extra drugs ) can be harmful and addictive .. but i am led to believe useful in carefully controlled situations

    now i believe marijuana extracts can be useful as well but there is not much scientific research into that

    but then after Covid scientific research has had a massive reputation hit , so would research now be believed by many

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    Patster 02 if you drink smoke or take any prescription drugs then you are a hypocrite and a fascist if you think your opinion is justification to lock your friends and family for smoking a joint . The race IMO is run and lost the same B.S. conservative opinion polls had Judith Collins polling at around 40% , conservative private prison building slime and the rotten to the core tax dodging church and assorted parasites are the only people who support prohibition of marijuana.

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  15. 6.6k

    the only question is by what margin in N.Z. , I suspect that well over sixty % voted yes to legalise marijuana

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    I don't recall seeing a single poll that had her at over 33% but maybe you can back up your claims of polling bias.

    I think less than 40%, we'll find out in a couple of weeks who was right, but I think you're already pre-empting a loss but saying "the only way a no vote is possible is if the vote count is delayed and tampered with", a classic Trump move.

    Even the Greens party of NZ said they should've perused decriminalisation rather than legalising but they did it for political reasons and now they risk losing it all rather than progressing the cause.


  17. 76.3k

    i am not against pot , just the reckless use of it .. there are plenty of substances to abuse available already

  18. 6.6k

    Dope is a medical human rights issue , no one is arrested or put in jail for using alcohol or tobacco and no one should be arrested or be put in jail for using marijuana . I am not surprised the establishment that have lied about marijuana for nearly a hundred years would resort to lying and dirty tricks to subvert the popular will of the people , the only reason the marijuana referendum vote count would have been delayed is because the conservatives know that the vote is a yes . IMO those who voted yes should be given tax cuts and those who voted no should be given tax increases to enforce the failed marijuana prohibition laws they support. .

  19. 66

    Well now I know you're trolling, plenty of people jailed for drunk and disorderly.
    Taken the tinfoil hat off for a minute and slap some sense into yourself, different taxes depending how you vote? Forget democracy, go live in Trumps America!

  20. 6.6k

    not one dope smoker has ever been jailed for being violent or disorderly, you make a good point countries are much better off dealing with the health impacts of toxic alcohol car accidents brain damage avoidable cancers and violence.

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