Magnitude 6.3 Quake Strikes in Ocean South of

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    A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck in the South Pacific Ocean about 650 miles (1,045 kilometers) south of the Australian island state of Tasmania, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

    The temblor, which struck at about 1 p.m. Sydney time at a depth of 8 kilometers, was detected by more than 50 stations on the Australian mainland, Geoscience Australia said. No tsunami warning was issued.

    courtesy of Bloomberg News


    the centre of Canberra would have been better , but now the Tasmanian Greens can rush out to find more threatened species

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    Like in Victoria?

    I'm sure there are lots of Natives left after the fire.

    May I suggest a yrly burn?

    As they have done for 200yrs, before the word Green meant Fruitloop!

    Now we have 2 people in Jail for killing "PESTS"

    Mlf :D

    As they say BS makes the world go round.

    Now get those 2 blokes out of jail.


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  3. 77.9k

    it really is beyond a joke , even the few biologists brave enough to tell the facts of life get howled down .

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    But but but MLF, the 'real' fruit loops are out of control and very destructive to my planet.How's yur planet going??? :wink:>>>>The results of logging 'old growth forests':Tasmanias swift parrots going the way of the dodoImage and video hosting by TinyPic

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    compared to the original natives (and Tasmanian Tiger ) the parrots have had an arm-chair ride .

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    Hi Sixpac,

    I dont want natives to become extinct.

    God knows how well i look after the Wildlife on my property.

    And this is why I refuse to own a DOG!..For example!

    However My property is in the 1km Coastal Zone.

    And this is where most Aussies prefer to live...On the Coast.

    So I think that there has to be a trade off.

    77% of my Local area is State Forest.

    Leaves 23% for progress/ living??

    Yet the local FL's want to rezone my property/and others back to Native Forest.

    Humans are coming second.

    Without some control over the State Forests. ie Yrly low density fires. We have these CAtastrophic Hot Fires that take everything... Including but not limited to all Wildlife in the area.

    Leaving a Moon scape. With NO trees!



    NB Low Fires take the undergrowth(which replentish after rain!!)Which Native Peoples/and old time Farmers Have done this for 200yrs!

    High Density Takes the tree Tops, and leaves nothing.

    Thanks for the Reply..

  7. 6.9k

    Absolutely agree regarding burning off but your "Green Fruit Loop" comment doesn't make any sense as bushfires aren't quite the same as logging/clear felling.

    Yur comments re bushfires; "Leaving a Moon scape. With NO trees!" and "High Density Takes the tree Tops, and leaves nothing", are a little off course also.

    Do you recall the devastation of the Royal National Park south of Sydney way back in January 1994 at all?

    90% of the park was charcoaled and the headlines said, "NEVER TO RECOVER", but it did.

    Experts, PFFFFFFFFFT! :roll:




    Royal National Park.

    Over 90% of the Royal National Park was blackened by the fires, making it the worst recorded fire in its history.

    During the fire;

    "There are commonly reports of animals (including reptiles) dying during bushfires. In mid-November 1974, Honorary Ranger Tony Butz found four adult and one subadult Diamond pythons, Morelia spilota, as a group when he was fighting a low intensity bushfire in a National Park immediately adjacent to the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney. These snakes were found moving away from the downhill moving fire front and were believed to be fleeing the flames (Hoser, 1980).

    Although many animals clearly die during bushfires, my own observations lead me to believe that the mortality rate is nowhere near as high as most people seem to think. Few, if any, species are usually wiped out from an area (in the long term) by bushfires. There are a number of reasons for this. Birds and mammals seem able to flee a fire front, being able to move back as soon as it is safe to do so. Smaller animals that may not flee the flames, such as reptiles and frogs, are able to hide away from the heat in the tops of trees that may escape the flames, and in holes, rock crevices, etc.. Although some animals clearly die in the flames, many don't (Fyfe, 1980). am not aware of the publication of reptile mortality figures for fires in percentage terms, but even allowing for a 75% mortality (which I find unlikely) the ability of the remainder to repopulate the area is clearly there."




    EDUCATE: :cool:

  8. 6.9k

    An armchair ride maybe but it wasn't about comparisons and there's no excuse for purposely wiping out parrots and and and and and my planets trees for some chipboard kitchen in suburbia :wink:

    That's right sal, my planet, not yurs, ok :D

    HNY :cool:

  9. 77.9k

    go back and check out the Aboriginal "fire stick" farming method ,

    you will fill they were selective AND careful in application (having never felt the need to invest the helicopter water bomber , or even a Woomera-propelled water bomb launcher ,

    since Australia has trees many hundreds of years old ...

    maybe they do not burn everywhere , or burnt off frequently enough to allow the plants to recover not letting an inferno situation develop , there is enough WESTERN history to suggest the Aboriginals had 300 years ( and much more you would think ) playing with fire-sticks and not leave the place a blackened mess ( in hindsight probably an error ) otherwise our "First Fleet" might have shuffled off to NZ to leave their human waste

  10. 6.9k

    Could even go back way way way way before the Aboriginal "fire stick" farming method when those evil demented terrorist 'lightening strikes' were around HA!


  11. 77.9k

    sorry not my planet , i share with the venomous reptiles and arachnids they keep down the unwanted guests ( human and animal ) , the wild ducks help develop my dam into an ecosystem so they down in unhindered , the various birds visit as they wish and am still trying to train the crows to deal with the cane toads .

    don't blame me for "concrete-farming " it is the council that is afraid of fruit trees , native bees , and politician-killing snakes

  12. 77.9k

    only been mistaken for Jesus Christ , several times , NOT Zeus or Thor , i have never been blamed for starting runaway fires , but DO KNOW how to back-burn ( and where )

  13. 6.9k

    Zeus and or Thor are experts at strategically placing those lightening strike fires, just ask any of the creator Gods :D

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  15. 6.7k

    Most Australian landowners get paid nothing to preserve environments while a pletera of useless governmental environmental consultants are paid wages under false pretences for doing nothing . Australians who make tangabile contributions to improving air quality for all Australians at their own expense dont recieve a red cent , life according to our covid obsessed government is that clean air and water is unimportant to anyones health in Australia . A percentage of fuel taxes should be set aside to fund the preservation of environments and allocate funding on a per hectare basis to all landowners who preserve environments , rangers and police should be empowered to tear up licences and criminally prosecute drivers who recklessly or deliberatly run over wildlife , ute loads of morons with hunting dogs are one of my special hates most of these people are thoughtless idiots , cattle is rarely run over when farmers move paddocks it should be the law that in areas with vulnerable wildlife populations permanet signage is erected and speed limits reduced to help protect wildlife , the most common way for Australians to see koalas and kangaroos these days is dead on the side of the road after being run over by some dole bludging doped up drunken moron. More emissions equates to increased volcanic siesmic activity is a hyposisis that gains credibilty as time goes by.

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