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    Saudi Arabia has launched an extraordinary attack on Australia, deeming our government “racist” for “sympathising” with the Christchurch mosque killer.

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    Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card

    The Australien Government has made an ad about the Cashless Welfare Card, and it's surprisingly honest and informative!

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    The trouble I can see , with this cashless welfare card , is Big shopping centres will put up all their prices on Dole days , knowing full well these people won’t have any choice ,in smaller Country towns it will be worse.
    Unless the person is a known drug addict then I think the scheme is very discriminating and will not work.

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    Trump told scommo to start distancing Australia’s Trade with China.
    Already we can hear Labor screaming blue murder about Scommos new found Attitude towards China.

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    Most Australians have a very low opinion of Trump and our trade relationship with China is far more important than our one way trade relationship with America . . Australians can get by without big macs cigarettes oxyconytin gas guzzling unreliable American cars and being dragged into eternal unwinnable wars . . .

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    ####Most Australians have a very low opinion of Trump####

    That's ONLY what think and hope for.

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    Here are some interesting reply's about what Australian's think of Trump:

    "Speaking as a born & bred Aussie, Trump is a transparent and habitual liar, a conman and snake-oil salesman. He appears to be barely literate and bordering on incoherent, with the temperament, impulse control and attention-span of a small child. He’s also an ignorant, spiteful bigot and misogynist who deliberately appeals to people’s worst instincts. His skills as a businessman are vastly overrated. The only thing he’s been successful at is real estate, and only after inheriting a multimillion dollar real estate empire. Almost every other Trump business venture has been a shambles, resulting in a trail of bankruptcies, law suits, bad debts and unpaid creditors, with US taxpayers left holding the bag time and again. It still staggers me and just about everyone I know that nearly half the US electorate thought this fool was a fit person to be their leader."
    Peter Jay on Quora.

    And another one:
    "I feel like I am jumping on the bandwagon, and flogging a dead horse, but I can’t resist adding my two cents. For good or ill, Trump looms large in the thoughts of anyone with even a passing interest in politics.
    To put it bluntly: Trump is a disgrace, and US voters have disgraced themselves by electing him.
    This goes beyond political affiliations and whether you identify as a conservative or progressive. I consider myself a ‘lefty’, but even so I can respect a conservative US president who displays at least some of the decorum that befits his office.
    Trump does not.

    I remember watching The Apprentice many years ago. That was where I first became acquainted with Trump. His gargantuan ego, bulletproof confidence, and callous disregard for contestants was the main drawcard of the show. There was a magnetic quality to it. I don’t know if personalities like that are common in the USA, but I had never seen it before in Australia.
    Fast forward a decade or two, and his political career seems to be based on playing the same role. Given the consistency with which this character is portrayed I must assume that this is indeed Trump’s true personality: rude, blustering, impulsive, vain - and nakedly, unreservedly, unapologetically so.

    Even assuming an unfavorable media bias, there appears to me more than enough substantive evidence of Trump’s indiscretions and bad character to condemn him.
    A person like him should be unelectable.
    It was with great dismay that I discovered he was not.

    As many others have noted, it is very disturbing to consider the ramifications of this disconnect between perception and reality. What vast gulf has opened up between the Trump voters and everybody else? Is the media to blame? This polarisation is not just a US phenomenon, but is present in all the western democracies. There are so many global problems that need to be managed sensibly; climate change concerns me in particular. But how can a house divided, stand?"
    Ed Johnson, Quora.

    And another one.
    As an Australian here is my view:

    "I hate him. I hate listening to him talk for more than five seconds.
    He is a non stop liar who barely understands how anything works. his stupidity is legendary among leftists such as myself.
    he took the mask off of American Empire and went full savage barbarian neocon on us:

    1) 432% increase in drone strikes, and a catastrophically rising civilian death rate in all various areas of conflict.

    2) removed rules of engagement in somalia, making it much easier for civilian deaths to happen. obama was no angel. trump is a general ripper who likes to see things blow up.

    3) gratuitous pointless near nuclear bombing of rural Afghanistan.

    4) escalated all the wars and increased toop levels. permanently occupying Afghanistan Iraq and Syria.

    5) sabotaged and left the iran deal, causing chaos since they were abiding by the deal.

    6) invited neocons to run his admin, helping to prompt the above.

    7) threatened venezuela, iran and NK with military force in a very unhinged psychotic manner.

    8) considered privatizing war and handing it over to criminal mercenaries.

    9) is still sucking the saudi dick and won’t even consider sanctions or ending the alliance. even signed off on a billion dollar blood money weapons deal.

    10) doesnt care about yemen and supports saudis because of above arms deals and oil.

    11) on the campaign trail, promised to target and kill the families of ISIS.

    12) on the campaign, promised to bring back torture of suspected inmates. signed executive order keeping the illegal torture prison in cuba open indefinitely.

    13) sabotaged and left international treaties and UN councils and essentially declared the US above international law.

    14) sabotaged peace in palestine by saying Jerusalem belongs entirely to Israelis, unleashing chaos. endlessly supports Israeli government as they illegally steal land.

    15) vowed to steal Iraq’s natural resources and syria’s, while on campaign.

    16) continues a drug war that has been destroying Mexico and South America and causes the immigration he whines about nonstop.

    17) the seven nation immigration ban which hasn’t even included saudi arabia on it.

    18) offensively bombed the syrian government for alleged chemical attacks (btw the US has been selling and using chemical weapons in the region).

    i'll stop there but just in terms of how he’s choosing to act internationally, i think you can begin to see how much of an unstable person, and unhinged neocon hawk he’s become since taking office. the guy has the attention span of a gnat, and the moral compass of a mafia crime boss. he thinks the US is above the law, and by extension him, and continues/escalates chaos that previous admins began, but with an even more psychotic slant to it. he took the mask off and said “yeah we really don't care about human rights. we’re just doing this for the military industrial complex”.
    and he has the nerve to be angry at Kaep for kneeling? How about you don't send americans to die in needless savage war for profit. that seems respectful to me."
    Matt Martin, Quora.

    The above quotes are from 2017 mid year abouts.
    God knows what people think now.

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    2020 election results should clarify that question

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    Nuclear fusion could be the clean energy the world needs—and private companies are now working on machines to harness it.

    About two dozen private companies around the world are working to harness a transformative energy technology that could rescue the planet from climate catastrophe. One is using space in an old factory that’s home to a mothballed U.S. Department of Energy-funded research machine in Cambridge, Mass. Another is housed in an industrial building behind a Costco outside Vancouver. A third is down the street from a self-storage facility in the foothills of Orange County, Calif.

    The companies are working on commercializing fusion

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    Australia is rich, dumb and getting dumber
    October 08, 2019

    Put simply, Australia is rich and dumb, and getting dumber.

    On the primary metric used in the database, an index of economic complexity, Australia fell from 57th to 93rd from 1995 to 2017, a decline that is accelerating. Australia's top trading partner, China, rose from 51st to 19th over the same timeframe.
    The Australian paradox

    The index measures the diversity and sophistication of national exports, based on research by Harvard economist Ricardo Hausmann that finds trade in a globalised world is the path to riches.

    Harvard economist Ricardo Hausmann finds Australia is part of a group of simple economies that should adopt policies that single out specific industries for support.

    The Harvard data exposes the paradox of the Australian economy: the eighth-richest nation in the study has the export profile of Angola.

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    Lets hope Trump throws a spanner in their works GV.

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    Who gives a fuck about yenmen,
    He is bringing troops home from Syria.

    He has the best employment stats in 25 years.
    Has the lowest unemployment levels ever for Black Americans
    Has the lowest unemployment levels for Hispanic Americans
    And Asian Americans .
    Has the highest GDP in 15 years.
    Protects his people.
    Protects his Country.
    Supports Australia by not increasing but decreasing tariffs .
    Defends the rights for free passage on the South China Seas.
    The man is a marvel ,a true leader of his people.

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    What the left loves cant stand is he IS doing what he said he would do.

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    What's going on with mad dog trump. He is just going to let the kurds get there ass kicked by turkey, after the Kurds did all the heavy lifting against Isis. I recon the Kurds, might just leave the prison gates open and give all these Isis members a fake passport and one way ticket to America. Trumps mad as, when it comes to foreign policy.

    Still get another term, the American economy is booming at the moment

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    Most Terrorists would end up here adds ,not the USA ,they are getting smarter ,we are getting dumber.

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    Australia is still reasonably high in the Global Competitiveness Report - released today:

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    Fastest growing manufacturing industry in Australia.
    Micro breweries, one opening per week on average.
    Maybe putting the overseas monopoly owners of OZ bulk beer production out of business

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    25% agricultural land in Tasmania, and Northern Territory owned by China.
    Aussies can't buy land in China.
    What gives?

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    Aussies can not own anything in China......China keeps claiming they are a developing Country so for 5000 years these scamming Cunts have been developing ....Trumps no fool.
    So we developed this Country in just over 200 years and we have to make concessions for these Grubs ,who starve their people steal land , execute Baby Girls.
    They spend billions on Military and at the same time contribute to a 1/3 of the worlds poverty.
    Any company who does business with China steer well clear of . Or you will lose your shirt of your back.
    And mad dog Trump Is F......king Ping up.

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    Trump is corrupt as they come and dim as a glowworms armpit.
    He will be impeached by his own stupidity.

    Scaramucci is 100% correct.
    If he doesn't resign from the 2020 race he will be annihilated.
    Swing voters in America are turning on Trump.
    If they go them he will be trounced.

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