Make Australia Great Again

  1. 3.0k

    So Trump is gay?

  2. 5.8k

    No but he will stick it to scommo

    The only gay Pollies are either Labor or Greens.....a fact.

  3. 1.6k

    No fan of Scomo, but I doubt he'll be shirt lifted
    Skirted, stooged, maybe but no shirt lifting.

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  4. 5.8k

    China starting to feel the pain, hundreds of Factories closing down.
    Japan’s Citizen Watch’s relocating to Vietnam.

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  5. 3.9k
    NSW Police Now Raising Revenue By Searching Cars For Loose Change
    September 16, 2019
    NSW police say driver safety is the main reason for a new initiative to seize loose change from cars.

    “Drivers go to extraordinary lengths to pick up loose coins they notice, sometimes even while the car is in motion,” says Inspector Paul Markson. “Loose coins within cars are a safety hazard.”

    That’s why NSW police have today announced the introduction of Random Coin Testing.

    “Similar to Random Breath Testing, we’ll be pulling over cars and searching them for loose change,” says inspector Markson. “Any coins found loose within vehicles will be confiscated immediately.”

    Police admit that Random Coin Testing will also be an important new source of state government revenue.

    “We estimate there’s currently around $4 million worth of loose change in NSW vehicles.”

    Random Coin Testing will commence on October 11 on undisclosed NSW roads

  6. 5.8k

    Lol good one , that would be theft.

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  7. 13.4k

    Is it first of April?????.

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  8. 4.9k

    N.S.W. is broke what is legal fair or reasonable does not matter anymore . The government don't have to prove how much marijuana impairs drivers in N.S.W. if they did I doubt that many of them could be charged for driving under the influence.

  9. 3.9k

    A corrupt Immigration Department official and her husband helped run a $3 million criminal migration racket involving more than 1000 fraudulent visa applications.

    Fairfax Media can reveal that Reetika Ajjan and her husband, Jeetender, were able to flee Australia three days after immigration and federal agents raided their home in October 2011 – having wired more than $1 million to overseas bank accounts in 48 hours. Investigators had failed to take basic measures to stop them from leaving the country.

  10. 3.0k

    So Trump didn't shirt-lift (read homosexually rape) Scomo about China as one mentally ill poster suggested.
    He didn't even shirt-front him about relations with China.
    Instead he just sucked up to him with a state dinner.

    Trump seems to think that flattery will enable any agreement between two parties, even getting the flattered party to commit their own defence personnel as cannon fodder in any future conflict with a third party.
    This is because he also wants (and expects) to be flattered by everybody else.
    But who knows, it might just work with Scomo.

  11. 3.0k

    Re "NSW Police Now Raising Revenue By Searching Cars For Loose Change".
    Of course this website quoted is a satirical website as it says at the bottom of the page on the quoted link.
    Dumbarse religious nut gvenso probably thinks it's real though.

    I also note that Scomo is to meet with VP Pence while he is in the USA.
    This must mean that Scomo is involved in a secret satanistic child killing paedophile cabal.
    Would that be right gvenso?

  12. 3.9k

    Prescient Warning

    A decade ago, Fadden caused an uproar when -- as head of the national spy agency -- he sounded an alarm on China, saying lobbyists operating out of its diplomatic missions were funding pro-Beijing cultural centers known as Confucius Institutes. He also said at least two provincial ministers and some municipal politicians in British Columbia -- home to the highest proportion of ethnic Chinese in Canada -- were believed to be under the sway of a foreign government.

    A backlash ensued, with a parliamentary committee demanding his resignation. A decade later, those comments appear prescient: New Brunswick is shutting down Confucius Institutes at 28 schools after the provincial education minister called their curriculum “propaganda.” Last October, three British Columbia municipalities, including Vancouver, investigated allegations of vote buying after a pro-Beijing group offered a C$20 “transportation allowance” to encourage voting for ethnic-Chinese candidates.

  13. 3.0k

    Good work "investigative journalist" gvenso...LOL...
    What about the satanic paedophile child killer Pence?
    Any updates?

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  14. 3.9k

    Good to see Sco Mo has found his voice on the International stage ,with giving the Fake Climate Snowflake UN bureaucrats a serve over criticism of OZ.
    Scott Morrison uses UN speech to slam 'internal and global critics' of Australia's climate change policy

  15. 13.4k

    He like Trump are going to be around for a long time.

  16. 4.9k

    Sco mo is an ostrich burying his head in the sand hoping the danger will pass , denial is not a credible climate change policy Australia now has zero credibility on the climate change .

  17. 13.4k

    ###Australia now has zero credibility on the climate change####

    Its been happing from day one, get used to it.

  18. 647

    Saudi Arabia has launched an extraordinary attack on Australia, deeming our government “racist” for “sympathising” with the Christchurch mosque killer.

  19. 3.9k

    Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card

    The Australien Government has made an ad about the Cashless Welfare Card, and it's surprisingly honest and informative!

  20. 5.8k

    The trouble I can see , with this cashless welfare card , is Big shopping centres will put up all their prices on Dole days , knowing full well these people won’t have any choice ,in smaller Country towns it will be worse.
    Unless the person is a known drug addict then I think the scheme is very discriminating and will not work.

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