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  1. 6.0k

    Any one who supports the Greens need hanging under a tree in the Middle of a Bush Fire.
    These dogs called greens should be deregistered.
    And as for labor they need to re write their Policy Book.
    They have nothing ....ONE NATION. Will lead this Country soon ,and not before time.

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  2. 5.5k

    Shane the Greens are the only party with an understanding of what is driving climate change , they are the only politicians in Australia who are not ignorant enough to think that they know more about climate science than a climate scientist does . Feel free to hate the greens all you like wont ever make supporting the greens a hanging offence, Pauline needs to leave environmental management to educated people who understand the complexities of environmental issues .

  3. 4.8k

    Bee al-Darraj, 24, fled Iraq at the age of 15 when she was being forced into a marriage to an older man. She made her way to Sydney, where she enrolled at al-Faisal High School in the Sydney suburb of Auburn. There, she says, she witnessed young girls as young as 12 being forced into marriage to much older men, according to The Daily Mail.

    “They would come to school, a 15-year-old getting dropped off by her 30-year-old husband.”

    al-Darraj says she was aware of one girl, who was 14 years old, who gave birth in a public hospital while her 28-year-old husband signed the birth certificate. No one apparently batted an eye – until she showed signs of being a victim of domestic violence, that is.

    “She was still in school but nothing was done until he started to beat her., and then she was put in a safe house.”

    Bee said she tried to notify anybody and everybody in the Australian government who would listen — the Australian Federal Police, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the NSW Department of Family and Community Services — only for her pleas to be ignored.

    So why have Australian authorities seemingly turned a blind eye to child marriages happening in their country?

    You may be surprised to learn that, until 2013, such child marriages weren’t even illegal in Australia. Now that the law has been updated, however, enforcement remains spotty. For one thing, the law isn’t retroactive — so the marriages of child brides in Australia who were married before 2013 aren’t illegal. For another thing, if an underage girl is flown to another country to be married off, it’s not a violation of Australian law.

    Read more:

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  4. 6.0k

    One thing stands out in Australia for all Middle East and Asian Countries....

    Australia is a Shit hole and an easy target for Criminals and Economic Refugees .

    The Department Of Trade and Immigration in this Country and its offshore agents are Corrupt and allow frauds to occur Daily ,over 40% of all Asian women who Marry Australians and Migrate here ,are also still Married in their Homeland, China,Thailand,Vietnam,Philippines, Taiwan, etc ....they commit Bigamy and get away with it, because our DAFT allow it.

  5. 4.8k

    Weekly verified storage reports

    The weekly verified water storage and supply reports provide information about how much rainfall has been recorded, dam levels and how much raw water we have supplied to our customers in the Greater Sydney region.
    This week's summary - Thursday 16 January
    Water supply

    Total available storage as at 8 am Thursday 16 January was 42.6%, a decrease of 0.4% since last Thursday.
    With immigration adding 1700 consumers to Sydney every week, the obvious will become apparent in time to the politiciams in the face of a bush fire contaminated and dwindling rainfall.

  6. 5.5k

    Genital mutilation, rape, assault torture are merciless crimes that ignorant immigrants commit on their own children , anyone who has zero regard for Australians and Australian law should be deported permanently . Australian authorities have suffered economic rationalism most recently our fire services have been proven to be totally inadequate in numbers and resources , we also have haplessly inadequate defence forces border protection customs and virtually no fisheries inspectors .

  7. 1.9k

    Country facing a lost decade of growth, ANZ warns
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    Shane Wright
    By Shane Wright
    January 21, 2020 — 3.45pm
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    Trump tells world leaders at Davos to cheer up about climate change, the economy
    Trump tells world leaders at Davos to cheer up about climate change, the economyAdd to shortlist
    All Queensland doctors on lookout for potential coronavirus carriers
    All Queensland doctors on lookout for potential coronavirus carriersAdd to shortlist
    McKenzie approved $36,000 for shooting club without saying she was a member
    McKenzie approved $36,000 for shooting club without saying she was a member
    2 hours ago
    Add to shortlist
    Greens councillor calls for ban on flood-prone Brisbane development
    Greens councillor calls for ban on flood-prone Brisbane developmentAdd to shortlist
    Australia is facing a lost decade of economic growth, ANZ has warned, that will see living standards slip and wages grow modestly while putting pressure on the Morrison government's plan for a string of budget surpluses.

    As separate research suggests consumers are eager to get back into the housing market, ANZ said the 2020s were likely to endure the slowest rate of growth since the 1980s, which was a decade that included a recession and the start of Australia's last economic contraction.

    ANZ believes the 2020s could see economic growth retreat to levels last seen through the 1980s.
    ANZ believes the 2020s could see economic growth retreat to levels last seen through the 1980s.CREDIT:LUIS ASCUI

    The Australian economy grew by an average 3.3 per cent through the 1990s, then by 3 per cent through the first decade of the current century.

    ANZ head of Australian economics David Plank said growth through the current decade would average 2.6 per cent, with that tipped to fall to between 2 and 2.5 per cent across the 2020s.


    He said that level of growth, lower than both estimated by the Reserve Bank and the federal Treasury, would be driven by tepid non-mining business investment, weak productivity and household consumption held back by high debt and modest wage increases.

    Australian households, despite record levels of wealth due to high house prices, were carrying record levels of debt that would crimp their spending plans.

    Play Video

    Interest rates on hold as spending slows
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    Interest rates on hold as spending slows

    The Reserve Bank has kept interest rates on hold at 0.75% as retail spending flatlines, with people saving rather than spending their recent tax cuts.

    "Lower trend growth that reflects ongoing lower productivity (as against lower population growth) means less improvements in living standards," he said.

    "In the coming decade, growth in household consumption will face a structural constraint, on account of high household debt and the lack of room for the cash rate to be moved much lower."

    In its December budget update, Treasury forecast economic growth to lift to 2.75 per cent through 2020-21 and then climb to 3 per cent for the next two years. That level of growth is expected to help drive down unemployment and push up wages.

    Australian Defence Force personnel assist the ABC to restore broadcasting services by clearing bushfire debris around a tower.
    Treasurer warns surplus at risk as fires hit economy
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    But Mr Plank said a structural drop in demand across the economy would put pressure on the budget, which the government is forecasting to run a string of surpluses through the 2020s.

    Policy changes, especially those aimed at boosting non-mining investment, would be needed to lift growth.

    "Lower trend growth poses challenges for the fiscal outlook. Critically, however, the slowdown in trend doesn't have to be meekly accepted," he said. "To be specific, the policy focus should be on lifting investment."

    While ANZ believes the next decade will be tough for the economy, Commonwealth Bank believes there are some positive signs for the start of 2020.

    The bank's household spending intentions report, released on Tuesday, showed home buying intentions at a record level.

    CBA chief economist Michael Blythe says people are warming to the housing market but remain wary of spending on daily goods.
    CBA chief economist Michael Blythe says people are warming to the housing market but remain wary of spending on daily goods.CREDIT:LISA MAREE WILLIAMS

    CBA chief economist Michael Blythe said improvement in intentions was pointing to ongoing price growth, which would deliver a wealth effect to consumers.

    There had been a turnaround in car purchasing intentions after a sharp fall over the past two years.

    But Mr Blythe said shoppers were still wary of spending, with the bank's internal credit card figures showing purchases over the late-November Black Friday period were higher than the traditional Christmas-Boxing Day period.

    "Households remain very happy to spend on housing. But they remain very cautious about spending at the retail level," he said. "And within the overall consumer mix, the preference is to spend on experiences over goods."

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  8. 4.8k

    Australia has been perhaps the most aggressive tax authority in the world. They are certainly competing to be #1. Besides stalking children to see where they go to school, and then demanded the school reveal how the parents pay the tuition, now they are going after insurance companies demanding to know what assets people are insuring.

    The Australian Taxation Office’s new scheme is hunting money and assets to seize and tax. They are demanding the last five years’ worth of insurance policy information from more than 30 insurance companies. They are searching for “lifestyle assets” of the rich who they clearly hate with a passion. They are demanding details on clients who own yachts, any boats, fine art, thoroughbred horses, high-value cars and aircraft. They have targeted around 350,000 taxpayers.

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  9. 69.9k

    hopefully they squeeze union bosses and former public servants as well

    BTW Switzerland still accepts 'tax exiles

    can't wait to see if Ghosn has started a new industry ( smuggling the super-rich OUT of a country )

    coming to a nation really close to you ( 1984 is already here )

    lets see if the ATO officials follow the old Customs rort of buying confiscated assets cheap at 'public auctions ' ( by under-describing the good up for bid )

  10. 4.8k

    Russia, Mongolia, Nepal, DPRK, Vietnam: Close borders
    US, Japan: Do Not Travel
    Israel, Italy : Suspend flights
    Hong Kong: Cancel trains, ferries
    Philippines: Halt visas
    Kazakhstan: Stop transport
    Taiwan: Bar entry
    Australia: Here’s a pamphlet, buy a house

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  11. 4.8k
  12. 69.9k

    needs China to be friendly to have a hope of getting the 2032 Olympic Games ( of course if Australia only has 10 citizens left alive in 2032 that would make the bid pointless )

  13. 4.8k

    Leader of the Greens quits, environmental stand on native forests animals and fauna "protection agenda" would be under fire.

  14. 5.5k

    Di Natalie has done a fine job as leader and will be a hard man to replace .

  15. 3.1k

    Check your privledge Kruger....."hard man to replace"....sounds like a sexist micro aggression......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. 14.8k

    ###Di Natalie has done a fine job as leader and will be a hard man to replace##

    Yes, he was a sharp as a pound of warm butter.

  17. 6.0k

    I think Donald Duck could replace Di Natalie.
    But even Donald would never touch the Greens,this party of idiots is so far removed from Reality.

  18. 1.9k

    what a waste of tax payers $$ in the greens

  19. 5.5k

    Australia broke in debt burning and the LNP have been in office for 16 of the last twenty years , no voice on the left is attacking the media or any oppositions right to exist . I hear that Greta has just been nominated for the Nobel peace prize and Sanders has again ran into contention and he is promising to legalize marijuana by executive order on day one if he is elected as president.

  20. 6.0k

    Sanders is the second biggest Joke on the Planet.......only just being out shadowed by Greta.

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