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    From the time Angus Taylor entered parliament in September 2013, companies & organisations the Taylor family have managed, directed or are directly associated with have benefited from over $93,515,673 in federal & state government funds.

    London and Washington: The Morrison government has struck a landmark deal to tap into the US government's tightly-guarded emergency fuel reserves, a move that will help lower the risk of Australia plunging into an economic and national security crisis.

    The agreement, to be signed by Energy Minister Angus Taylor in Washington on Monday (Tuesday AEDT), will help shore up the dangerously low supplies in Australia that have left consumers vulnerable to price spikes and rationing in the event of a sudden supply disruption.

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    Adani are back in the news after it has been revealed that mega coalmines are planned to extract in excess of 60 million tonnes of coal , it has also been revealed that Adani has been caught out donating funds to the LNP .

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    Would not surprise me they also donated to the ALP as well.

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    *** Would not surprise me they also donated to the ALP as well. ****

    they USED to , but MAYBE stopped after Shorten pushed for the Royal Commission

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    Of course they would. In theory if they want to buy crap coal - they can do so - that's my take.

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    This virus will not impact India very much ,their diet will help them ,hot foods and not many Chinese go their.

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    500000 jobs are gone and12% to 50% unemployment is the new normal in Australia, the LNP surplus will never happen they are destroying our economy and our society and the worst part is that most people are so stupid that they still support them and would vote them back into office. .

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    Krueger, you are right, most people will support then and vote them back in to office, the main reason is that the people have seen how the ALP works, going to be a very long time before we ever see the ALP back.
    You are going the see the same thing happen in the US of A.

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    Voting the ALP back in would give the UN the keys to the Front door, if you want to see Labor at work visit the East African Muslim City of Melbourne or western Sydney’s Campsie and Lakemba.
    That mob will continue to open the Doors to Racist African and Muslim nations.

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    Shane the LNP have been in office for 16 of the last twenty years and pre corona virus outbreak they were complicit with labor and the greens in allowing unsustainable numbers of 650000 people per annum to immigrate into Australia . The U.N. global agenda is dictated by ultra conservative corporates who have entire political parties and politicians in their pockets .

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    Has there been a real Australian party in government since 1901? I don't think so. One Nation is.......

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    Not a good look for the PM who wants to keep children going to school.
    Do as I say ,not as I do, keeping his kids at home.
    . The Prime Ministers children have been ill and at home. Everyone should keep sick kids home. #coronavirusaustralia #auspol

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    nothing will make the PM look good after this

    ( not even cash handouts )

    can we send him on a cruise to the Bermuda Triangle

    The $66 Billion Stimulus Package

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    A bus load of Chinese turned up to Narrandera!!!!! To try and strip it bare. Locals said they had 2 chances of getting of the bus, Buckley’s or none. The driver got the msg and went.
    Down on the far South Coast upon the locusts arriving and being told to bu@@er off, they were a tad insistent (what a surprise), so the owner called the pub across the road for some ‘presence’ & ran them out of town – then rang ahead for the next town to put them as well – I can assure you the second town would be more than happy to oblige – they have something called a Community in those hilly area’s! I presume that’s some dangerous bit of gear to people who don’t want to be part of it & just want to take from it?

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    The locusts of the planet......

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    Cruise Liner Magnifique wants to dock in Freemantle.
    1750 passengers all foriegn.
    250 cases onboard with Upper Respiratory Problems.
    6 Cruise liners off the coast of Australia looing to dock here.

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    why not we have plenty of room for quarantines ( that nobody ever goes into )

    that goodness they aren't in leaky fishing boats ( those people could be dangerous )

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    Billionaire plea for cheap labour

    BILLIONAIRE retailer Gerry Harvey says Australia needs a two-tier wage system to allow employers to pay foreign guest workers less than locals.


    The Harvey Norman boss said Australia's prosperity was creating a labour shortage and endangering the nation's competitiveness.

    He said a growing number of Australian manufacturers were moving overseas, where cheap labour was plentiful.

    He called on the Federal Government to allow foreign workers on fixed visas to form a second tier to the labour market.

    "Australia doesn't have cheap labour. Many overseas workers would be prepared to move here for a much better life and half the money Australians earn," he said.

    "When you get unemployment down to four per cent, to three per cent, to two per cent, business can't get the labour.

    "I've got horse studs and it's difficult to get staff.

    "Workers would rather work in the mines where they get paid twice as much.

    "Fruit- picking companies are relying on backpackers."

    Mr Harvey said both major parties needed to open the gates to migrants.

    "The US can draw on a lot of cheap labour from Mexico and South America," he said.

    "People from those countries move to the US looking for a better life.

    "European countries can draw on cheap labour from eastern Europe.

    "The danger of being too prosperous is that it can come back to bite you - you can become too lazy and other nations work harder and overtake you."

    "What I'm saying is not politically correct.

    "You won't get politicians saying what I'm saying, but privately they know this sort of thing is a reality in the future

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    Gerry can shovel his own horse shit. How does he propose that these people live in our society with the high rentals and cost of living. There are two sides of the equation which need to be considered. Today, even middle income earning couples, educated Australians on two incomes can barely afford to survive in Australia.

    Australia can not compete because we have little to compete with. One by one our industries have been shut down, rural property, water rights and mines are being sold off to foreign interests. Our brightest graduates do not get the respect and remuneration they deserve so head overseas.

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    I haven't shopped at Hardly Normal since he dropped this in 2008 ...

    Mr Harvey said giving money to people who "are not putting anything back into the community" is like "helping a whole heap of no-hopers to survive for no good reason".

    "You could go out and give a million dollars to a charity tomorrow to help the homeless. You could argue that it is just wasted. They are not putting anything back into the community.

    "It might be a callous way of putting it but what are they doing? You are helping a whole heap of no-hopers to survive for no good reason. They are just a drag on the whole community.

    "So did that million you gave them help? It helped to keep them alive but did it help our society? No. Society might have been better off without them but we are supposed to look after the disadvantaged and so we do it. But it doesn't help the society."


    He's on the same path as Lang Hancock on the "Aboriginal problem" (Lang incidentally has an aboriginal daughter)


    I agree with this guy ... Mahatma Ghandi who said “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”

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