Man Made Climate Change is Real

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    Kruges.......article is from 2010......

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    LOL.....more recently we have the comedy of the WA state government climate forecast. As per last Sunday Times edition - page 20.....Perth's temperature will climb by 2.7 degrees by 2030. Silly me I would assume such a massive increase could only be caused by huge global climate change.....Does the WA government have some insight into an impending super-nova?...Or have they hired loser climate change scientists estranged from universities and so desperate for job - they spout the same bullshit - squared.

    But I guess I am not the only stupid one in town.....Seems (actually I know it as a fact) the state government is building a huge marina at Ocean Reef....and a similar giant marina at Two Rocks.....Now if the global temperature is rising enough to cause a 2.7 degree rise in Perth.....Those marinas...LOL...are already underwater, financially....and good snorkeling and fishing when completed.....
    WA State government.....fifty years of incompetence - saved by schillings per tonne - of WA's dwindling resources......They make all Arab governments with oil.....look brilliant.....

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    According to the State Government (under the Department of Primary Industries and Development), the climate projection for the South West of WA by 2030 is:
    "mean annual temperature is projected to increase by 0.5–1.2°C under intermediate- and high-emission scenarios, compared to current conditions (the average of conditions between 1986 and 2005)."
    NOT 2.7 degrees as stated by disingenuous, ignorant posters on this site.

    It IS projected to rise to between 2.6 to 4.2 degrees in the Southwest by 2090 (under a high greenhouse gas emissions scenario).

    I accept this climate modelling research of what will happen in Western Australia in the near future.
    I accept methodology based scientific research using observations and available data.
    I do not accept rambling, false non-science and biased unqualified opinion as fact, (and no-one else should either).

    If people want to read the above link to these projections feel free.
    It is a much more reliable than the local rag the Sunday Times.

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    The extreme left climate change agenda is an attack against capitalism.There is a concern that the German auto industry will be devastated by all this excessive climate change issue. They assumed that perhaps they could make money creating wind farms but that has been a failure in Germany. The policies that intended to shut down nuclear power in Germany after the Japanese disaster has caused some to take notice that there is a serious problem facing Europe. Cutting off nuclear power when this climate change demand is going on to shut down gas-powered automobiles is exposing Germany, in particular, to a potential economic disaster. The power grids of Europe will NEVER handle replacing all gas-power cars with electricity. Air traffic cannot be replaced with electric engines. They are moving to outlaw short flights, but then people have to drive, take buses, and trains. About 44% of Germany electric power is generated by coal

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    Innovative thinking is needed magnetic engine technology produces zero emission's and is far more reliable , there is no reason why magnetic engines could not drive turbines to produce zero emission clean green electricity . Scaremongering based on B.S. wont bring about the necessary changes to transform to clean green technologies , the only people still pushing fossil fuels and nuclear are the big polluters who all loathe paying their fair share of taxes like everybody else has to. .

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    "The extreme left climate change agenda"...LOL...
    Climate scientists who do the research are not 'extreme left'.
    You moron.

    And put up the links where you gained that right wing propaganda you posted.
    You are not that smart to have dreamed it up yourself.

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    the coalition won countless votes on a slogan of stopping the extreme greens , the Australian electorate put the s into stupid the Adani mine will destroys thousands of hectares of pristine irreplaceable scrublands and allow billions of tonnes of carbon to be released into the earths atmosphere . Extreme climate policy is a bunch of lying brain damaged god fearing winos pursuing policies to allow the destruction of forests for fibre while they outlaw the most useful plant known to science that could provide all of man kinds needs for rope clothing building materials bio fuel and paper .

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    Brilliant, be mindful, some naughty language.

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    The Queensland Government were the ones pushing for Adani.
    We need more Coal Fired Power Stations here.
    We have the cleanest Coal in the World so we should be burning it here.

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    Fossil fuels are highly polluting out dated and incapable of providing sustainable energy for 7 billion people , dinosaur thinking wont solve energy shortages into the future if we think like dinosaurs we run the risk of becoming fossils .

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    Only 38% Of Americans Believe Humans Mainly Responsible For Climate Change

    Of the countries surveyed, India has the largest share of people that think human activity is mainly responsible for climate change (71 percent).

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    Yeah, that is a s/tit fact and means nothing.

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    your argument does prove that at least 62% of people are total morons , Warragamba dam is half empty and towns across western QLD and N.S.W. are running out of water . The people in India live with the catastrophic effects of overpopulation every day of their lives in places like India it takes a real special breed of idiot to look up at a polluted sky and believe man made pollution is not destroying the earths atmosphere.

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    While it’s dry we should be building more dams, we are not ,why because our Governments know it’s just a scam.
    The Victorian Water Minister ,stated why should we build more dams it’s a waste of Money ,because we won’t get the rain to fill them anyway.....these are the same Morons who whinge about not having enough Water......this Country is Run by fools like her.
    If your worried about Droughts ,then build more catchments ,weir more rivers ,because it will rain again.

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    Govt should consult with the Native elders of this land. They would be able to give the skinny on where is a good spot to form a settlement and also where it's a fools errand to even try.IMO

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    In WA the dams they have are never full anymore because there is less rainfall now.
    The south west of that state is drying out.
    That is fact.
    And that is why they have desal plants.
    Because the average rainfall has declined so much over the decades.
    Building more dams won't work, it WILL be a waste of money.
    Some areas of australia are modelled to get greater rainfall in the coming decades.
    An example is in the northern desert areas of WA.
    But the area is sparsely inhabited anyway.

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    It is illegal for ratepayers to collect their own water. They can collect for garden, toilet and laundry use but collecting for your total use is not allowed unless you're not in an area not serviced by Council supply.
    This is wrong. There is no reason why urban ratepayers should not be able to supply their own needs. Of course regulations are needed to ensure quality but most people living in rural areas are doing exactly that, ask them if you need a bit of advice .
    Probably new builds would be the go, in the ground tanks out of sight, but right now its a no go area.

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    For once I agree with you CF....Not much point in building dams in the Southwest.....BUT there is still plenty of justification to divert water from the north to the south of WA......In tremendous quantities. I'm not fussed if it's done by covered canals, pipelines, it can be distributed to current, and newly possible farmlands, along the way down....Then WA could indeed be the food-bowl of Asia - till the Chinese Boy Scouts come and take it away....

    Any required pumping along the routes can be done with solar farms using vanadium batteries at night. Imperial Valley in California is a good example of what can be done with some vision and guts....Not that either main party has any.

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    When I lived in Saudi Arabia....Jeddah. We had THREE water systems at every house.....Now remember, this was the dumb Arabs in the period of the late 70's to early 90's when I was doing contracts there for a Saudi company.....We had a highly purified potable water system for the kitchen and bathroom sinks - straight from the company desal plant....Our house, we had the right size family was, a very large 3 X 2 - with concrete walls about a foot thick.....fully furnished of course......and every room had an A/C....House was painted white - windows were tinted...Company paid the electricity, but the houses were built to get cool inside, and then idle at temperature....But back to water, there was a 2nd system of fully recycled water to run the baths and showers and toilets. Which was fine, I never heard of anyone complaining about it or getting sick from it. Outside was a couple taps which supplied semi-recyled water which we could use to water our lawns and outdoor still had some little meaty bits in it - so you wouldn't use if for washing the car....But for plants it was great - fertiliser was built-in. We had wonderful lawns, veggie gardens, plus a few coconut palms in our yards....Imagine the Saudis having the brains and foresight to do all that so long ago.....While we have suffered 50 years of useless clowns.....

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    We have a lot of water up north at times.
    Maybe time for a bit of big thinking.
    Part of our problem is no spare money for public infrastructure, our IPA inspired government has stuffed any ability for public money to be available for these type of schemes.
    Excepting of course coal fired power stations, they're ok.

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