Masonic regalia

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    I've just come by a 3rd degree Craft Master Mason's regalia ... apron in a leather case, ceremonial sword, books and documents

    anyone collect these?

    the closest I can find on the web is at the link ... it looks similar although mine is much older

  2. 6.9k

    Never seen these b4.

    Calling sal.............

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  4. 71.5k

    became the custodian more like it (had at least one of these in my family as well) my stuff is much older (design-wise as well) the book-mark is similar . will check though the others ( mine are mostly un-enamelled silver ??( should be too early for platinum )

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    the masonic apron that I sold was similar to the one shown on eBay, it was circa 1950s ... it came with some documents from the Chief Petty Officer on the HMAS Canberra (interesting story, that ship was fired on by the American ship Chicago by accident) ... the apron sold at auction for $55

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    seemed a bit cheap but i suppose not many collectors and buyer's times hopefully a happy a happy outcome for you. :)

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