Master the StockMarket: Another TopStocks Opportunity.

  1. 3.4k

    Hi TopStockers,

    TopStocks has negotiated a massive deal with the Sharemarket Institute that will allow us to offer their Master the Stock Market software series for $299. (this is $100 less than what even they sell it for).

    The 4 CD series has over 5 hrs of intensive instruction, 262 slides, 149 charts diagrams and illustrations. This report has been developed by Andrew Baxter who has 13 years of PROFESSIONAL trading experience under his belt with $1,000,000 market exposure at any one time.

    The information on these CD's were from Andrews trading seminars that cost $10,000 per attendee!

    In addition to the software, TopStocks has negotiated two bonus reports at no additional cost and free shipping, plus a 180 day money back guarantee.

    As if the deal didn't need any more sweetening, TopStocks is giving 3 months PRO membership to everyone who purchases this package! (Existing PRO members will receive a 3 month extension). Even if you return the software in 180 days you keep your 3 month PRO extension.

    The deal is signed and we will be able to put more information up this coming week.

    The only catch is we can only offer this to the first 100 traders. So if you would like to be sent an email as SOON as we make this offer available on our website, please send me an email ( or send me a private message and I will reserve you a copy.



  2. 6.7k

    Hi Mod

    What sort of subjects are covered?

    i.e. equities obviously but options, cfd's futures, 4x


  3. 3.4k

    Hi Verdi,

    Master the StockMarket is a strategic approach to the sharemarket. The CD is a technical and analytical series.

    Much more information will be available on the website in coming days.



  4. 938

    Hi Verdi, Did you go the deal on Master the Stockmarket etc., I did but have only gotten thru 2 CD's so far.

    They cover 1 .Charting . 2. Technical Analysis. 3. Fundamental analysis. 4. Trading Strategies. All run over an hour and are full on,Andrew Baxter appeared recently on a weekend show with Universal Solutions and is also an associate director of Tricom Brokers etc.

    Supposedly his seminars go for $3500 but like all things lately went for 299. Cheers,Norm.

  5. 3.4k

    Hi Normy...

    We have run out of CD's at that price. We may be offering more but at $349.



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