Medical Marijuana

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    That’s the Problem,all they test for is a positive reading,they do not test the level of intoxication, which I believe should be similar to what they accept for Alcohol.
    Just because they test positive is no indication what so ever Of their capacity to drive or operate.
    Their were more pot smokers back in the eighties and Ninties that still drove and operated heavy Vehicals with not to many incidents or accidents back then.
    This Country has used and abused random drug test ps for only one reason, Revenue .

  2. 3.0k

    Ffs...pot doesnt stay in your system "for months".
    Weeks certainly if you smoke a fair bit, but not months.
    You CAN detect it in hair samples for longer periods.
    But that is not the issue you are talking about.
    You said "hundreds of thousands" of people have been sacked for using pot.
    No they haven't.

    And no, you should not drive vehicles under the influence of anything.

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    And by the way, if your mate who ended up on welfare bought a six pack of beer then that (according to you) means he should be stripped of his welfare payments for life.
    Bit unfair isnt it?

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    Scott Morrison has proposed stripping welfare recipients who are caught with any illegal drugs in their system of their welfare entitlements for life . Bit unfair isn't it.

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    When I was working I was subject to a drug test at least one a month to get my salary, why shouldn’t the dole bludgers have to do the same.

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    Not answering the question again I see kreuger.
    That's ok I can answer for you....
    So according to your philosophy, you are saying that your homeless welfare dependent mate should lose his payments for life if he buys a six pack.
    Imo that is bloody stupid.

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    He's on taxpayer funded welfare....CF....I'd say the card he gets to use for his basic requirements - if the government had any common sense - should block off all alcohol and gambling purchases.....and limit cash to say $5 a day.....He can buy a newspaper to look for jobs......

  8. 3.6k

    Speaking of not answering questions.....YOU are quite the specialist....In being mum...Since you are so into mum, I guess we can't expect any answers?

  9. 2.2k

    Dont have a problem taking the dole off a bludger who sees the need to prioritize getting stoned or drunk before seeking a job, strip them bare I say.
    The severe curtailment of alcohol in the country towns as per condition of receiving welfare is working wonders I believe.
    May long it continue.......

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    Beisha, the topic was about taking welfare payments off recipients who buy a beer.
    Not people who get drunk or stoned instead of looking for a job.

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    fuz over a hundred thousand drivers a year are arrested and charged for drug driving without any of them ever being proven to be intoxicated is a fact . Since the introduction of workplace drug testing over a decade ago countless thousands of people have lost their jobs without any of them ever being proven to be intoxicated is a fact .

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    Good on her, as this is what is actually happening everywhere and the Govt don't give a .uck, ie, not being able to legally access MC, while people in pain and dying.

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    I lost $1000+, because of trying to access medicinal cannabis.
    Went against my better judgement and paid for a pound of Northern Lights x Big Bud cannabis buds, so I could then make my own cannabis butter, to help with my cancer.
    But, no they were just a scam, received nothing and they discontinued answering phone calls or replying to emails, they are still on line now, and authorities do nothing about them , to shut them down at least.
    A f'n pack of aholes who do not worry about making money from those that are dying with disease like cancer.

    For anyone interested, their phone number is 0488891550 and their f'n scam website is;

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    No Australian patient being able to access legal medical marijuana is Turnbulls despicable legacy to all Australians living with pain and disease . Supporting criminals and everyone who profits from marijuana prohibition is far more important to the LNP than any Australians legal human rights to access legal medicines . Going overseas for treatment is the only viable treatment option, it is my understanding that high potency THC tinctures that the LNP has specifically banned is the only stuff with the miraculous medicinal benefits. I have started a regime of drinking dandelion tea and eating dandelion leaves every day there is anecdotal evidence to suggest many legal readily available natural foods and herbs work in the same way as THC tinctures .

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    Rawali, my mate, manufactures cannabis products. His company is called green dispensory. Its in adelaide, give them a call and he can supply you, if you have a prescripton from a doctor. I think he is the biggest supplier of legal cannabis products in australia

  16. 3.0k

    Care to put up a link with these fallacious facts Krueger?
    Here is some stats and research for you:
    "Our research shows that the presence of illegal drugs is involved in the same number of fatal crashes as drink driving.
    Mobile Drug Testing (MDT) operates alongside RBT for alcohol and police also have the power to test drivers they believe may be under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs. MDT is increasing, with police conducting up to 200,000 roadside drug tests each year in NSW by the year 2020."

    If you are found guilty of a presence offence detected through a MDT, the court may impose a fine of up to $1,100 and a minimum three-month licence disqualification. If it is a second or subsequent offence you will receive a minimum six-month licence disqualification and a fine of $2,200.
    If you are found guilty of driving under the influence and it is your first offence you will receive a minimum 12-month licence disqualification, maximum fine of $3,300 and a maximum possible prison term, at the discretion of the court, of 18 months. If it is a second or subsequent offence you will receive a minimum two-year licence disqualification, maximum fine of $5,500 and a maximum possible prison term, at the discretion of the court, of two years."

    "From 2010 to 2017, 484 people died on our roads in crashes involving motorists with at least one of three illicit drugs - cannabis, methamphetamine (including speed and ice) or ecstasy - in their system. From 1 July 2018, MDT now detects drivers who have recently used four common illegal drugs: ecstasy, cannabis, cocaine and methamphetamine (including speed and ice)."

    Think yourself lucky Krueger, if your mate shane was in charge all these people would be summarily executed on the roadside.

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    And btw, just because up to 200,000 people will be checked for drugs doesn't mean that 200,000 people will be charged.

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    Hi adds,
    can't get a prescription here in Albury as the GP asked what I wanted it for, and I told her, I've been battling with cancer since Oct. 2016, ... 2 years plus, and wanting to stay alive and/or get rid of the cancer.
    Want to add another string to my bow for survival, with chemo, etc, with oncologists OK if I source legally or illegally as will work in conjunction with chemo.....

    Wrong answer, as she said "sorry, can;t help you, as needed to be for pain or on last legs on this planet, "
    Don't really want the legal stuff as not made properly for specific disease, but wanted some recognition in case authorities become aware of my situation.

    Krueger, ..... cannabis oil/product needed for cancers, is a cannabis with high levels of both CBD and THC, preferably Indica variety, that causes more relaxation than the Sativa variety that causes high energy, etc.
    And also, what I found, it seems to work hoeopathically to the affect that even on a lower dose and the sooner a cancer sufferer gets it into them, positive results can happen.

    Cannabis is in the Bible as part of the healing, anointing oil given by God to Moses.
    I cannot see why we "Christians"can't be allowed to grow and use this plant, even using this to over ride stupid man made, greedy rules and regulations.

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    roadside MDT is a revenue collection exercise , no credible scientific tests exist that can measures marijuana intoxication .

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  20. 6.1k

    Just because 200,000 people are checked for Drugs ,does not mean all will be charged.
    No but if any of the 200,000 have any drug content in there blood,Urine or Breath test ,they will be Charged ,no matter how little effect it has on that person capacity to drive.

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