Medical Marijuana

  1. 3.0k

    Didnt know you were a scientist or an expert on road safety shane.
    Maybe consider a career change?

  2. 6.7k

    The science says that marijuana causes no more impairment to drivers motor skills than panadol , the government are illegally arresting over as hundred thousand drivers a year to raise revenue ,

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  3. 14.8k

    If that was the case the government would NOT be charging them drivers.

  4. 7.3k

    Australian labor/liberal politicians are a lying pack of morons , the truth cant be hidden forever.
    Must be close to a Century change now!
    Though Big Brother has moved to cyberspace?? haha!

    CPH bottomed at .315.

    Sales about to hit the Canadian market.

    First order is for 100kgs At $6/gm.

    Estimated total growth of 4,000kgs when plant completed.

    All approved!

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  5. 6.7k

    pilots you are a naïve in the extreme everyone in Australia knows that the government have lied about marijuana for nearly a hundred years why would they start telling the truth now? Proof of intoxication is a legal requirement for all drink driving convictions and the same should apply to all other drugs . The government do not test for doctor prescribed opiates when they know that drivers who are doped up on that shit are as dangerous as drunk drivers . My mates niece is a prescription junkie who caused a multiple car collision recently , she was drug tested at the scene and passed the drug test despite the fact she could not keep her eyes open while she was being drug tested by the police.

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  6. 14.8k

    I find that story hard to believe.

  7. 3.0k

    Yes, it's bs.
    If you are nodding off you are under the influence of opiates.
    A blood test would simply prove that.

    Have you ever been stoned Kreuger?
    "The science says that marijuana causes no more impairment to drivers motor skills than Panadol"
    That is a lie.
    Put up the science for that on here please.

  8. 6.7k

    Why do you think that the police don't test for opiates when you agree that drivers have trouble staying awake and are a danger to themselves and other road users . The road toll has dropped in every state and country that has legal marijuana because road safety is improved when people are not using dangerous mind altering drugs like alcohol and opiates .

  9. 6.7k

    Employers in New York can no longer drug test job applicants employees or parolees for marijuana . A new study of five hundred athletes has revealed some surprising findings , the study has proven that most athletes who use marijuana an hour before exercising had increased motivation enjoyment and recovery from exercise . The study also proved that healthy lifestyles were not uncommon among marijuana users and that users were less likely to be obese and suffer health problems .

  10. 14.3k

    Whats with the obbession with cannabis krueger?

  11. 3.0k

    Ffs cannabis is a mind altering drug.
    Stop wirh the bullshit.

  12. 3.0k

    I can tell you from experience that marijuana definitely DOES NOT improve motivation.
    Quite the opposite in fact.

  13. 4.9k

    For some Marijuana magnifies whats going on between the ears.
    For the motivated, motivation increases.
    For the lazy, they get lazier

  14. 3.0k

    Well you must be a really lazy bastard then.
    You don't have an original thought in your head.

  15. 6.1k

    Prisons are for Murderers ,Rapists,Terrorists, and Thieves , Smoking Marijuana makes you happy and relieves pain,so if you lock someone up for Smoking a Plant ,your a F,,,,,king Criminal.
    Who gives a shit if your not motivated by using cannabis Oil,if it relieving chronic Pain,that’s a good enough reason to be allowed to use it.

  16. 3.0k

    Dumbarse shane...kreuger was talking about marijuana.
    The type you smoke and how it reacts with the ability to drive.
    I suppose you are suggesting that smoking pot and then driving is fine and dandy.
    That would be right.

    I would suggest rhat smoking pot and driving is not a good idea.
    The authorities would agree with that i would think.
    Btw opium is a plant too.
    Is it ok to smoke opium and drive?

  17. 6.7k

    Fuzzwit it is legal in every state and territory in Australia to drive with opiates in your system the police in Australia do not drug test any drivers in Australia for opiates at roadside RDT .

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  18. 3.0k
    Posts are wrong yet again.
    It is not "legal to drive with opiates in your system" in this country.
    That is a lie.
    The reason that cops don't test for opiates is that roadside saliva testing can't pick it up yet.
    You have to have a blood test for that.
    Here is a quote from the NSW cops:
    "It is also an offence to drive with morphine or cocaine present, but these substances will not be detected by saliva swab."

    Here is some more info:
    "If the police reasonably suspect that a person is driving under the influence of a drug, they have the power to take them to a hospital for a blood or urine test for the presence of drugs, under the supervision of a doctor. The sample is divided into two. One half is sent to government laboratories and the other half is given to the person for independent analysis.
    It is an offence to refuse to submit to a blood test or a urine test in these circumstances. It is likewise an offence to wilfully alter the amount of drug in your blood or urine before having the test, unless it is more than two hours since you were driving."

    And here is some info about legal/prescription drugs in your system and driving in Queensland:

    "If a police officer reasonably suspects that your driving has been impaired by any legal or illicit drug/s, you may be arrested and conveyed to a place where you will be required to provide a specimen of blood for analysis. You may be charged with driving under the influence of liquor and or a drug.

    If you fail to provide a specimen of blood as required you commit an offence for which the penalty is the same as if you were charged with driving under the influence of liquor or a drug.

    When dealing with a charge of driving under the influence of liquor and or a drug, or failing to provide a specimen of blood when required, a magistrate can impose one or more of the following sentencing options for a first offence:
    Fine you up to 28 penalty units
    Cancel your driver licence and disqualify you from driving
    Sentence you to a period of imprisonment up to 9 months."

    So there you go...
    Just because the cops can't detect opiates in a roadside test DOES NOT MEAN that it is legal to drive under the influence of opiates in this country.
    Stop the bullshit already.

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  19. 14.8k

    Game set and match to consolidatedfuz.

  20. 6.7k

    The government have had years to develop saliva tests for opiates and write prescriptions for medical marijuana they have no desire to do either . The real reason the cops don't test for opiates is the fact that doctors legally prescribe millions of Australians opium every year and roadside tests would be bad for business.

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