Medical Marijuana

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    It helps cure cancer.......
    Medicinal cannabis comes as a pill, oil, nasal spray or some other form of cannabis plant extract. It is used to relieve the symptoms of some medical conditions. Medicinal cannabis is being researched worldwide due to its potential to help a number of conditions.

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    .... or suppository for 80% efficiency and little mind bending affect from the THC.

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    "the definition of fascism is to deny people their human rights"
    No it isn't Krueger.
    I have already posted the definition of it.

    But here goes again...fascism...
    "an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
    authoritarianism · totalitarianism · dictatorship · despotism · autocracy · absolute rule · Nazism · rightism · militarism · nationalism · xenophobia · racism · anti-Semitism ·
    (in general use):
    extreme authoritarian, oppressive, or intolerant views or practices."

    By the way, the above viewpoints are those which your newest best friend forever Shane constantly pushes on this website.

    And that is the first time I have read that arresting people for smoking dope is a "human right" violation.
    You have been watching too many old Cheech and Chong movies.

    Here is the definition of human rights:
    "The basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are considered to be entitled, often held to include the rights to life, liberty, equality, and a fair trial, freedom from slavery and torture, and freedom of thought and expression."
    The above does not include smoking pot.

    And btw...nobody is saying that cannabis does not have wonderful and untapped properties either.

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    freedom of thought and expression is not having two choices of drugs alcohol or tobacco, if the government were concerned about Australians health they would ban dangerous toxic drugs like alcohol and tobacco , they would stop doctors prescribing amphetamines to children and they would ban oxycontin .

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    meanwhile in America the Trump administration is doing everything possible to stop veterans with PTSD and other serious health issues accessing medical marijuana despite the fact he promised to support medical marijuana when he campaigned to become president .

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    Hawaii Committee Unanimously Approves Bill to Legalize Marijuana

    Legislation to legalize marijuana for everyone 21 and older has been unanimously passed by its initial committee in Hawaii’s Legislature.

    Hawaii Senate Bill 686 was introduced by Senator Kalani English (D) along with 11 cosponsors. According to its official summary, the measure “Legalizes the personal use, possession, and sale of marijuana in a specified quantity” and “Requires licensing to operate marijuana establishments
    New Hampshire House Committee Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill

    A key committee in New Hampshire’s House of Representatives has given approval to legislation that would legalize marijuana for those 21 and older
    Medical Marijuana Bill Signed Into Law by U.S. Virgin Islands Governor

    U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Albert Bryan Jr. signed the Medical Cannabis Patient Care Act into law

    The bill, sponsored by Senator Positive T.A. Nelson, received final approval from the Legislature on December 28. The measure legalizes medical marijuana for those who receive a recommendation from a physician.

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    Australia is in an election and Morrison and Shorten have not breathed a word about the marijuana issue, the major parties and most of the voters in Australia are ultra conservative religious lunatics still living in the 1960s.

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    half of the worlds bee populations are dead because people poison and kill flowers like dandelion and marijuana , the war on flowers is an abomination against nature.

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    then nature will have it's revenge

    dandelion has been a very useful additive to my cuisine at times ( and i am told it can be used as a coffee substitute as well )

    but the world is facing over-population , maybe all the stupid ones will die ( and we won't need a 3rd world war )

    PS mosquitoes play an important part in plant pollination as well ...

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    Are you a puritan krueger ?

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    the estimates are a hundred and seventy five thousand full time high paid jobs from legal recreational marijuana and countless billions in savings in legal and health costs . The governments insane war on flowers wastes countless billions of tax dollars per year ,arresting and locking up 1 marijuana user costs Australian taxpayers a $110000 per year .

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    It was no surprise to hear that Barnaby Joyce admitted to smoking marijuana the other day , IMO any politician that has used marijuana should be sacked and stripped of all parliamentary entitlements . Joyce is making a mockery of the law that he and his LNP right wing hypocrite scumbag mates fully support .

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    A very small % of 60's year olds who haven't tried Marijuana. IMO
    1970's Mantra was make love not war

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    anyone who has ever used marijuana is not a fit and proper person to enter the U.S.A. or to hold any public service position in Australia.

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    So what you gonna do about it, whinge,react or Act

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    one law for the politicians and their corporate cronies and another set of laws for the rest of us , IMO Joyce should be arrested for admitting to committing a crime , Trump had no problem allowing another admitted dope smoker Turnbull entry into the U.S.

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    Organise petitions of the elected areas of the politicians , they can not afford to ignore a substantial public interest for fear of loosing their voters.

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    It is already too late to preserve the earths forests which there was never any sain reason or justification to destroy the marijuana plant could have employed millions and provided all the fibre mankind needed. The politicians don't care about the public interest , Barnaby Joyce might be right that marijuana is a gateway drug he has the tell tale red face of a drug abuser that always seems to have a beer glued to his hand .

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