MNS- Ready to rocket πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  1. 1.6k

    I thought pilots was sad... Mondrian beats them all...

    17c Mondrian 🀭🀭🀭🀭

  2. 1.6k

    what’s it been now? 4 years Mondrian AKA Len has had it in for magnis....

    Now we have Jag from HC banning posters, deleting posts...
    This rising Sp will have them on tilt

  3. 342

    Why doesn’t Jag like MNS..?

  4. 14.3k

    Mns could be the biggest pile of shit or the next bhp. I'm loving this ride, all on nothing. Amazing

  5. 155

    Yeah a couple of buyers have bought the 80 million shares traded this months. This is how sad the trolls have gotten.

  6. 1.6k

    another desperate attempt Jag...

    bye bye

  7. 14.3k

    Would be a good time to do a cr, mns needs the money. Price is nice and high. Cr is my exit strategy

  8. 342

    I’d get out and go pick up your McNuggets, adds...CR could be the reason...

  9. 14.3k

    I like nuggets. How did you know. Can't wait for the cr. Better at 20 cents than 5 cents

  10. 14.3k

    Looks like it's dropping again. Ffs

  11. 155

    It’s consolidating and waiting for the next leg up. You keep waiting Adds and miss out again and then complain about it here.

  12. 1.6k

    Points of interest from today's webinar

    Frank Poullas (Magnis executive chairman)
    - There is currently only one GwH scale battery manufacturer in the US
    - Magnis/C4V's Huron Campus gigafactory in NY is to start at 1-1.2 GwH and then scale up to 4-5 GwH. Moving to 15 GwH will require additional campus floor space or an off-site premises
    - Magnis currently has a 58% direct and indirect interest in the NY plant
    - NY plant equipment independently valued by Ramboll at over $71m (considerable asset)
    - NY state government (announced by Governor Cuomo) has committed a $13.25m funding package
    - Have several NY off-take partners which account for 70% of the first 3 years of production
    - BMLMP gen I cathode technology requires no cobalt or nickel and is priced at a similar level to LFP chemistry (cheap) but is high voltage and of equivalent density to NCA (high performance)
    - BMLMP gen II cells will have a nickel rich cathode (still cobalt free)
    - CATL is a close comparison to us in that they are mostly a battery cell manufacturer. Their MC is almost $60B and in 2019 their estimate production was 15 GwH (MC of $3B-$4B per GwH)
    - Our current MC is only about US$100m!! (huge upside)
    - Expect to finalise finance for NY plant in H2 2020. We’re in the final stages of negotiations with a well-known, world class financial institution. We have been through more than 10 months of due diligence with them and over US$500k has been spent on supporting independent reports (costs shared between them and us)
    - Out team that will reassemble the NY plant is ready to go – contains a number of ex-Tesla employees. Expect to be reassembling the plant during H2 2021 and be commercially producing cells in H2 2021
    - QLD government recently approved the Townsville 15 GwH feasibility study
    - Our entire battery cell supply chain requires no input from China/is China free

    Dr Shailesh Upreti (C4V president)
    - Has 20+ years of Li-ion battery expertise. Started his academic career under Stanley Whittingham
    - Battery cells are priced on their energy storage capacity (our cells are high capacity but low cost (providing high margins))
    - We have an extremely strong IP and patent portfolio
    - We have US$400m worth of pre-production battery cell contracts for the NY plant
    - Our supply chain involves 50+ companies
    - We are working with 30+ customers to qualify our battery cells (each company requires different specifications and we have been working with some of them for 1-2 years). These include OEM’s and major car, bus and truck manufacturers
    - 6 minute extra fast charging batteries (as we have developed) will allow for smaller battery pacts to be used on buses (less weight and capex and more room for passengers) and almost continuous on-road running time. Our development partner, BAE, is the largest bus manufacturer in NY State. We expect a demonstration bus with our battery in it to be on the road in the next 9-12 months
    - Gen I and II cells are ready to be scaled. Gen III (solid state) is currently being optimised and should be production ready in 1-2 years

    Q & A
    - The NY plant requires around US$50m to be operational because equipment has already been purchased
    - The current Endicott lab produces commercial level cells
    - BMLMP cells have a very stable crystal structure at high voltage (meaning high energy density). Our anodes have a propriety silicon/graphite blend that provides double the capacity of straight graphite
    - Nachu graphite achieves 99.95% purity without chemical or thermal purification (mechanical processing only). Others usually produce a product of 95-96% purity which then requires chemical purification via China. Our Tanzania special economic zone (SEZ) allows for tax free production for the first 10 years (beginning when production starts), including royalty free, no import/export duties and off-shore banking
    - We are not entertaining near term take-overs as we are way undervalued. We’re here for the long-term

  13. 1.6k

    great start for a Friday... up 5% with some huge support at 20-21c

  14. 1.6k

    Green close... always good to see on a FRIDAY 🀣🀣🀣

  15. 1.6k

    I forget that posters name who always called for a red friday 🀭
    Great to see 20c holding....
    next leg up on its wayπŸ€œπŸ€›

  16. 2.8k

    Think it was ploots or similar. Moving on. 😊

    Site looks ok now to an irregular visitor.

  17. 442

    2-3c coming i hear

  18. 182

    Harvs ,
    Never ever coming.

  19. 1.6k

    2-3c rise a day is coming harvs πŸ€œπŸ€›

  20. 155

    I dreamt last night that Pilots, Hugh and Mucus all bought MNS in a big way. They were kneeling at my feet asking for forgiveness. Max was going to buy but he is still working out how his charts were so wrong and Cabbies so right.

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