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    Hey All,

    Put together a few CHEAP stocks that look ok, see what you think & we may come up with a couple of good ones as we go through the process of elimination.

    RPT- U is Hot Stock

    TEA- Looks good

    RED- U is Hot

    ARX- Gold play in Indonesia, good contacts.

    CUO- Positive results in QLD

    ESG- In trading halt, gas sales contract locked in.

    SDL- Something going on here?

    CUS- Manufacture ATM machines, Good contracts.

    NWE- Gas player in US

    All opinions good or bad appreciated.


  2. 2.5k

    Hi Taz,

    I like your gold, uranium and gas plays.

    RED i think is very choose, it is into gold in the Philippines where there has been government lobbying between Australia and the Philippines to change the exploration landscape of the country. If it all happens I think RED will do very well.

    RPT is hot at present but I also think if you are going after uranium you can't go passed DYL

    NWE is also a must I think, some seccessful drilling outcomes.

    Happy Trading


  3. 938

    Hi Taz, Yes, No, Def inite,Consolidating OK.


    NWE and PRE not yet,ESG breaking downtrend.

    A higher priced gold is BSG which I am hoping to hit $1.22-26.

    My suggestions only, Cheers ,Norm.

  4. 770

    Can somebody please explain to me what DYL have got that makes them so good. Imho, they got nothing to justify a $60M market cap.

  5. 207

    I was in CUS sold @19 which was my stop.

    The last trading day was a spinning top, may indicated short term tread reversal? Need to see tomorrows candlestick.

    The problem I have with CUS it is raising money externally by sell shares at $0.18, so that must be the true value of the stock! When I read that news I should have sold then!!!

  6. 4.5k

    I personally don't see it either, my only observation is that it is one of the most hyped of the uranium hopefuls. I dont understand why their market cap is so high at the moment, especially when you compare it with some other stocks with substance (and much lower market caps).

    I like:

    Giralia- has a great little uranium J/V with Heathgate, gold at Snake Well, is soon to spin off other uranium into U308 Ltd. Also nickel at Dalton, iron ore interests in the Pilbara, and soon an in species disribution of copper interests through a big project in the U.S and promising intersections at Blue Rose being given to Pac Mag ltd.

    Southern Gold- promising interests in the Gawler Craton, Eastern Goldfields and elsewhere. plenty of interesting ground to drill, not just after uranium but also gold and copper (amongst other things).

    Arafura- the sums on the nolans bore rare earth and uranium are excellent, a proven resource which is getting better and better with each drilling campaign- justifies current market cap and more with that alone imho. Then throw in a 5.5m joint venture with Laramide and other gold interests at Kurinelli- the blue sky potential here is phenomonal.

    I think that the returns potential on these companies over the coming months and years is far greater than on a company such as Deep Yellow. The companies above have many solid strings to their bows and for some reason have much lower market caps than deep yellow. My question is- how long before the market wakes up to these three?

  7. 18

    dyl is in with pdn, pdn is dyl big sister if you can say that

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