my project guitar

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    Okay fellow guitarists and other knowledgable members,

    Here is a project guitar i've assembled with new and used parts 100% from ebay, except the neck pickup i got from local store. Almost complete, just waiting for a lightening storm......

    Anyone care to guess what type of guitar it is?


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    That's an electric guitar



    a frankenstrat

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    not that complicated :D :D :D , hope it plays well for you !!! :)

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    yes it is....muahahahaha

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    what amp setup do you have?my electric axe is a very heavy, very humble spanish acoustic has a better pedigree with a hand carved machine headtalking about collectibles ... I'm bidding at the moment on two iconic pieces from two of the internationally best known artists of this century ... can't say too much at this stage, the auctions are still in progress ... will know at 2am if successful

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    ooohhh nice black guitar...nice.

    I've got a Peavey amp USA made, with lots of different buttons...and i'm stuffed if i can remember what it's freakin loud without 11 on the volume.

    Got way too many pedals, just sold one on ebay...but i'll stick with a distortion pedal, an overdrive pedal and a panoromic equaliser which i just re-discovered the other day in the bottom of my bag. Got a wah pedal too but that might take a bit of practise before i go public with it.

    Good luck with that auction and keep us in the loop :cool: :cool:

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    'cos you asked .....................


    Now that the AUD has pulled back a bit from the highs against the USD, there's not the extra percentage to play with in the US art market ... not that it's finished, there's still plenty of distressed sales happening over there at bargain rates for quality names

    but I've recently been looking at the UK art market because of the depressed GBP

    obviously Damien Hirst is out of the question, and who has room for a diamond studded skull or a dead cow or shark in their lounge room anyway?

    Number two on my list of dynamite UK artists is Banksy

    The artworks that I just bought are two of the "Di Faced Ten Pounds" that he featured in his movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and threw over a wall at the Notting Hill Carnival. They've been selling for GBP 200 each ... I paid GDP 177 (AUD 257.52) + GBP 6.50 postage for two of them

    I'll frame up the two showing both sides with a COA from Banksy's 'Pest Control' office and my antiques shop (if they pass the tests) and then they're instantly worth AUD $630 or more. I suspect Banksy will appreciate at a good rate and will be worth much more if/when I decide to sell them, which will be years down the track

    In the meantime I have two original iconic mint-condition Banksy artworks hanging behind the bar ;)

    My advice is don't try this unless you know what you're looking at ... there's two for sale on ebay in LA now that look a bit sus ... they could be photocopies

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    Exellent stuff...i know very little about determing the authenticity of a piece of art, reckon i would be ripped off pretty quickly.

    On another note (scuse the pun) but i just found this article


    The Australian One Dollar note, still being legal tender, would get you Australian One Dollar if you took it to an Australian bank.

    For any estimate of value as far as it being a collectible, the serial number and signatories would need to be known.

    The Australian One Dollar note was progressively withdrawn from circulation after the introduction of the One Dollar coin in 1984, the last being released into general circulation in 1982.

    If it has been circulated and there is nothing unusual about it, it might fetch up to $30 AUD. If there is something unusual about it like the first of a series, all serial digits the same, a "Star" note, a notable defect in printing, etc., and it is still in very good condition or better, it might fetch up to $3,000 AUD or more.

    If it is uncirculated and there is nothing unusual about it, and in mint condition, it might fetch up to $475 AUD. If there is something unusual about it, it might fetch up to $11,500 AUD or more.

    A reputable coin dealer will be able to give a more accurate valuation.


    I just re-discovered some mint dollar notes i kept when i was bank teller at that time. Uncirculated mint condition......i wouldn't think they'd worth a real lot, but that article suggests they could be. Know much about it?


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    "A reputable coin dealer" is the key

    same as buying art ... in a fragile market where the dollar sign is firmly attached to reputation, if someone passes off a fraud as real they'll quickly be spotted and outted

    The coin/banknote dealers that I know are:

    KJC Coins Australia



    These guys have been around for years and have a client list, so they'll give you the best quotation and might be able to sell it, too ... dealing with them is a better proposition than going through an auction house (although the auctioneers might be able to give a cheaper valuation) ... just bear in mind it might cost you $40-50 for the valuation, so only take in mint condition notes, as these will be the only ones worth considerably more than the $40


    Another artist that I'm intersted in is Shepard Fairey, also mentioned in "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and who has gone onto design albums covers for Led Zeppelin etc and the famous "Obama = Hope" election campaign poster ... you can still pick up hand signed posters for less than $100 which is a better proposition than spending half that for a unsigned no-name poster for your wall

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    Thanks for the info Marcus

    Found on of those Fairey posters... $120 US on ebay...hmmmmmm

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    maybe i'm getting confused. This artist is Mr. Brainwash.

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    Type of guitar ?

    Looks like your trying to replicate a super strat Levinson Blade with ebony FB

    Likely its a mighty mite ebony neck + parts

    Im getting this double neck SG/TL made in Chizvegas

    It will have a SG Custom headstock with binding etc like a LP custom on the SG.

    Ebony FB on the SG and Maple on the Tele, 6/6 string

    If anyone wants it let me know,

    I will send it on 2U and get another one made.


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    Far out....what a beast !!

    I actually have no idea where my fretboard came from, no markings.....maybe made in someone's garage but it's bloody nice. Very dark rosewood, can hardly see the grain at all. Vintage frets, which I like. Can't stand those jumbo frets that rip my delicate pinkies off. 57RI Strat FB is what they were going for.

    I installed a Seymour Duncan TB4 in the bridge and a Dimarzio Pro 188 single coil humbucker in the neck.....very quiet. I've got locking tuning pegs, but they're a bit sus, being from HK. Works though, just don't know if a string might slip out while I'm playing. :cool:

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    I forgot to mention its got a 7way pickup switch. I was gunna get a coil tap also, but decided not to get too complicated. I've got a Tele if I want my twang. :cool:

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    Also getting one like this made

    Ebony fretboard , Mahogany body , metallic blue

    shell block inlay and wilcinson pickups

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