Names little's filth seems to be never ending

  1. 1.4k

    Have you Pilots? You have got your calls wrong numerous times.

  2. 1.4k

    Jesus Hugh. I didn’t even notice you started a new thread to show Mucus’ new wine holder range. You really are a demented troll. How could you do that to your mate. And the other pic of your mate Ikaminyourass on top. I thought they were your buddies. Now wonder you meant make friends if you are posting there personal pics.

  3. 1.4k

    Geez there were some spelling mistakes in that post.
    Anyway I still can’t believe Hugh is posting personal pics here. What’s with that Hugh?

  4. 3.0k

    His filth never varies over the years.

    He came out with this disgusting post just recently and here is a copy from one he made in September 2018:

    "You lick the shit off Poscos cock after it has been in Pilots ass"

  5. 428

    Im confused Huey...... you play the victim and claim this behaviour is disgusting, but you choose to share the photo here online.

    So in essence it is the equivalent of you sending an obscene photo as a personal message to every member of Top Stocks.🤔🤔🥴🥴

    You are a sandwich short of a picnic 🥴🥴🥴🥴

  6. 3.0k

    It's not the equivalent of me sending his filthy pictures to posters via PMs. I want the decent posters here and the mods to see the extent of his smut and hopefully do something about it.

    I also think it's disgusting to murder people, for example.
    So if I know someone been murdered, and I know who the murderer is, you are saying should do nothing. Don't inform the police. Just leave it be so he can keep murdering others.
    I DO know there are mods here ATS is one. Surely they can at least try to stop this even if it's just to avoid potential advertisers being put off by his filth and advertise elsewhere.

  7. 428

    But you were so disgusted you shared it with every member of Top Stocks, even though they have no interest in such filth.

    You are not only a hypocrite, but you are also quite mentally challenged 🥴🥴🥴

  8. 3.0k

    Don't judge others by your standard. That slimebag is not the only low-life on this forum. I would think as a group of people, there would be many more that would be disgusted with him that wouldn't be.
    I'm not a prude but I it's not hard to see that what he does goes FAR further than what most people think is funny.

    I also like kids. And don't get your perverted mind into that as well. How can any decent person think those jokes he makes about that kid and everyone else who is cursed with this defamatory all over their body, are something to laugh at?

    Birds of a feather suck up that piece of gutter scum and don't bother answering this because I won't reply.

  9. 428

    So based on your logic you were so offended that you needed to offend every other anonymous user of this forum?

    You are quite mentally challenged 🥴🥴

  10. 428

    I made a valid point didn't I Huey.

    If this matter was taken to court you would be laughed at 😄😄

    But it would be cruel to trigger those inner emotions again Huey. Humiliation is your true fear.

    Harvs understands 🤗🤗

  11. 1.4k

    You are pretty fucked up Hugh. There are kids who read this forum and you are posting pics like that? You have lost the plot.

    Maybe go help Mucus find his toy.

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