No Coal, no Future

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    Dr Vernon Coleman

    The mad global warming cultists are determined to stamp out coal mining. They want all coal mines to be shut. Banks and financiers are being urged (for which read pressured and threatened) to stop providing finance for coal miners.

    What the cultists fail to understand is that without coal it is impossible to make steel.

    And so when the coal supply runs out (which will happen quite soon) there will be no more steel made.

    I wonder if the global warming cultists realise that steel is essential for:

    Building houses and buildings of all types
    Making cars (including electric ones)
    Making wind turbines
    Making central heating systems
    Making solar farms
    Making electrical appliances (fridges, cookers etc.)
    Making machinery of all types
    Making cutlery, toys, road signs
    And pretty much everything else we need

    Without steel (and, of course, without plastic) we will have to make everything we need out of wood and grass.

    And to obtain wood we’ll have to cut down trees – which help the planet to `breathe’.

    Besides, much of the world’s supply of wood has been redefined as `biomass’ and is being burnt to make electricity.

    So, what a wonderful future we all face - thanks to the insane efforts of the mad global warming cultists – slaves to an even bigger hoax than the covid 19 hoax.

    Please read Zina Cohen’s short book `Greta’s Homework’ for the evidence that the global warming myth is a pseudoscientific confidence trick.

    And read my book `Endgame’ to see how the global warming con was deliberately created to justify the great reset, the new normal, the destruction of democracy and freedom and the end of humanity.

    You will, I fear, discover that I am not exaggerating.

    Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021



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    coal has many many decades to go

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    The 2019 2020 firestorms that ravaged billions of hectares of forest on the east coast of Australia were not normal seasonal bushfires , the artic is burning and the poles are melting is not some lefty greenie scam it is explainable verifiable scientific fact . Another fact is that areas of remant forests that escaped the ravages of the 2020 firestorms are being logged to make beer cartons for dole bludging lowlifes in Australia. The only way the environment can be saved is for a dollar value to put on forests , some estimate that one tree produces over a hundred thousand dollars worth of oxygen that is breathed free by climate denialists in their lifetime , ethical investments make money and preserve envoroments that will benefit future generations . Burning fossil fuels is antiquated technology that has not changed since ancient times , the coal industry and logging of old growth forests should have been shut down decades ago .

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    The so called mad global warming cultists are determined to stamp out coal mining, for electricity generation only. Coal for electricity generation is very old technology, very expensive and even more so when you consider human and environmental health.

    Coking coal is needed for steel-making, and i haven't seen many people denying this. We just all need to be educated correctly, something these conservative nut jobs like angus taylor wont be doing while he lines his mates pockets.

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    Putin Is Betting Coal Still Has a Future


    given that Russia is heavily sanctioned they would be crazy to ditch coal , as they are better off being self-reliant and self-sufficient , than following dictates of two-faced power-mongers

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    It’s Not Over Yet for Coal as Global Prices Surge on Hot Demand

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